The Big Bang - Upgrading to Banner 8.1

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Presentation to be delivered at Sungard Summit 2010 in San Francisco, CA April 11 - 14.

Text of The Big Bang - Upgrading to Banner 8.1

Test. This Is a test. This is Only a Test. Did You Know That This is a Test?

The Big Bang! Upgrading to Banner 8.1Presented by: TJ Rains, PMPAssociate CIO, Enterprise Systems Emporia State UniversityApril 12, 2010Session ID 0042

Session ID xxxx

*Session Rules of EtiquettePlease turn off your cell phone/pagerIf you must leave the session early, please do so as discreetly as possiblePlease avoid side conversation during the sessionThank you for your cooperation!Session ID 0042

Session ID xxxx

*IntroductionPurpose: To review Emporia State Universitys Banner 8.1 upgrade project focusing on the following core elements:Project Planning and ManagementScope and Resource RequirementsBusiness Process Analysis and System TestingLessons LearnedBenefits: Obtain information and materials on planning and managing a Banner major release upgrade. Learn from our successes and mistakes. Session ID 0042

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*AgendaESUs Banner EnvironmentEnterprise Systems Team StructureBanner 8.1 Upgrade Project Planning and ManagementScope, Resources, ScheduleBusiness Process Analysis and System TestingIssues EncounteredLessons LearnedPresentation SupplementsSession ID 0042

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ESUs Banner Environment UDC Vision Realized at ESU

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*ESUs Banner EnvironmentCore Systems Luminis Portal (Buzz In) Banner Channels, SSB Integration, Single-Sign-OnBanner AdvancementBanner FinanceBanner Financial AidBanner Student*Enrollment Management to be launched July 6, 2010.Operational Data Store/Enterprise Data WarehouseCognos 8 BIRMS HousingSession ID 0042

Session ID xxxx

*Supporting Software Evisions Form Fusion and IntellecheckE~PrintTouchnet Payment Gateway UC4 (Appworx)Runner Technologies Clean AddressPlatforms Hardware Sun v490 Based Architecture w/ StorageTek SANPrimary OS - Sun Solaris 10Oracle 9i

Session ID 0042

Session ID xxxx

*Session ID 0042

Session ID xxxx

Team Title

Enterprise Systems Team Structure

Session ID xxxx

*Enterprise Systems Team Enterprise InfrastructureOracle DBA/Team Lead (1 FTE)Banner Application Administrator/DBA (1 FTE)Luminis System Administrator (1 FTE)Web Tailor/SSB Administrator/Developer (1 FTE)Systems Integrator/EM Specialist (1 FTE)Banner Security Administrator/UC4 Administrator (1 FTE)ODS/EDW/Cognos Administrator (1 FTE)Systems Administrator/Sun Hardware Support (1 FTE)

Session ID 0042

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Enterprise Systems Team (cont.)Banner Student, Financial Aid Technical Team Application Development Supervisor (1 FTE)Primary Student Application Support (1 FTE)Primary Financial Aid Support (1 FTE)Banner Finance, HR, Payroll, Advancement Technical Team Application Development Supervisor (1 FTE)Primary HR/Payroll/Finance Support (1 FTE)Primary Advancement Support (1 FTE)

*Session ID 0042

Session ID xxxx

Banner 8.1 Project Management Scope, Resources, Schedule

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Project Management Project Management MethodologyKansas Information Technology Office (KITO) Project Management Methodology.Publicly available at PlanningProject was chartered and planned collaboratively with administration, system owners and central IT staff. Schedule and budget developed by central IT and vetted through administration and system owners. Project ExecutionCentral IT resource (Associate CIO) managed, monitored and controlled the execution phase of the project. Bi-Weekly status update meetings held with system owners to verify functional testing progress. *Session ID 0042

Session ID xxxx

Project Scope (In Scope)Evaluate, procure, install and configure new server and storage hardware to support the Banner 8 environment.Upgrade to Oracle 10g (UTF8).Upgrade all Banner systems (INB and SSB) to latest releases (8.1x).Upgrade ODS and EDW to latest release (8).Upgrade to Luminis 4.2.Upgrade Cognos 8 BI to version 8.3 SP2.Upgrade UC4 to latest release.

*Session ID 0042

Session ID xxxx

Project Timeline*Session ID 0042

Session ID xxxx

Project Schedule8 Months of Bliss! September 2008 October 2008Development of Functional and Technical Test PlansStudent, Financial Aid, Finance, HR/Payroll, Advancement Banner SystemsSeptember 2008 November 2008Hardware Installation and ConfigurationSun T25220 and Sunfire x4500 servers, StorageTek SAN Environment and Tape Library.

*Session ID 0042

Session ID xxxx

Project Schedule (cont.)September 2008 March 2009Installation of Banner Test and Production EnvironmentsNetbackupOracle Database and Application ServersODS and EDWINB and SSBLuminis IVCognos 8 BIePrint UC4Evisions Form Fusion and IntellecheckSystem Integration Testing Readiness*Session ID 0042

Session ID xxxx

Project Schedule (cont.)January 2009 March 2009System and Integration Testing (All Systems)Execution of Defined Test PlansMarch 2009 Early April 2009End User Training Development and Delivery (All Systems) April 24, 2009 April 26, 2009 GO LIVE!!!Complete Final Data MigrationComplete Final Production Testing Cutover to Production

*Session ID 0042

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Business Process Analysis Student

Session ID xxxx

Business Process AnalysisSignificant business process changes in Registration, Undergraduate Admissions, Graduate Admissions and International Admissions occurred as a result of our initial Banner implementation. Changes were never documented! Impacted test plan development for the Student system.

Decided to conduct Business Process Analysis work sessions to document business process changes to ensure test plan alignment. Output: Business Process Diagrams, Formal Test Plan and Checklists

*Session ID 0042

Session ID xxxx

Output: Business Process Diagram*Session ID 0042

Session ID xxxx

Output: Testing Checklist*Session ID 0042

Session ID xxxx

Test Plans

Session ID xxxx

Test Plan DevelopmentConducted test plan development work sessions with functional and technical support staff. Lead by technical support staffUsed test plans developed during our initial Banner implementation as a starting point. Finalized plans were vetted with system owners and documented as ready for execution. Student System Business Process Analysis, testing checklists and formal test plan.

*Session ID 0042

Session ID xxxx


Process: Creating the Course Catalog in Banner

Banner Modules: Catalog


ProcessDependent ProcessVariations(N or C)(A, SS, V)ToTestedComments

Create a course in catalog (SCACRSE)With repeat limits

Wirh variable credit

With multiple levels

With multiple grade modes

With multiple schedule types

CEU course

ODefine a co-requisite for a courseCreate a course in Catalog

ODefine an equivalent for a course

ODefine a course repeat limit

ODefine a course max limit

OActiviate tuition fee waiver for a course

OAssess a fee for a course

ODefine degree program

OEnter text for a course

OAdd supplemental data to a course

OEnter transfer agreement information

OEntere course restrictions-inclusion/exclusion

OBy College

OBy Major

OBy Class

OBy Level

OBy Degree

OBy Program

OBy Campus

Activate CAPP Areas for Pre-Requisites

Set up course pre-requisite restrictionsTest score


Area Pre-requisites

Enter College/Department text

Start and end a course term (SCABASE)

Enter faculty workload information (SCACRSE)

Run the Bulletin Report

Dependencies: All control, rules and validations forms to be created.


Creating Sections of Courses in Banner

Banner Modules: Schedule


ProcessDependent ProcessVariations(N or C)(A, SS, V)ToTestedComments

Establish a starting CRN (SOATERM)

Create exclusion dates for a part-of-term (SSAEXCL)

Create a course section (SSASECT)Create a course in CatalogWaitlist

Build building and roomReserved seating

Build faculty

Indicate that a section is available for Web/VR registration (SSASECT)

Indicate that a section is non-gradable

Define a course session (SSASECT)

Assign building and room information to a session (SSASECT)

Assign a meeting time to a session (SSASECT)

Query available instructor and assign to a session (SSASECT/SIASSGQ)Create SPAIDEN record

Create Faculty Information (SIAINST)

Create a course section

Query for an available room and schedule a class (SSASECT/SLQMEET)

Query a faculty member's schedule (SIASSGQ)

Enter enrollment data for a section (SSASECT)Maximum enrollment

Waitlist maximum

Reserved seating

Create section contract information (SSADETL)

Enter schedule restrictions (SSARRES)

Create crosslist group identifiers (SSAXLST)

Create a cross-listed section (SSASECT)

Define a link connector and link courses (SSADETL/SSASECT)

Set up a co-requisite for a course (SSADETL)

Enter a section fee (SSADETL)

Indicate that a section fee chares are exempt (SSASECT)

Enter a section program attribute (SSADETL)

Enter a pre-requisite restriction (SSAPREQ)

Add a contract to a section (SSADETL)

Associate sections with block codes and define a block schedule (SSABLCK/SSADETL)

Add section comments (SSATEXT)

Create a course evaluation for an instructo