The Best Handyman Apps For iPhone

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in One Place - Your iPhoneThe Best Handyman AppsLevel Bubble evaluate if a surface or an object is well balanced beep indicates balance perfect for locating objects, frames etc Free@iTunes: turn your device into a ruler simple and practical accurate Free@iTunes: detector Uses the magnetic field of your phone detect ferrous metals like steel and iron find something lost detect metal objects in walls Free@iTunes: 10th turn your phone into a sound meter check sound pressure level around you compare with real-life examples lessen problem with neighbours Free@iTunes: turn your phone into a flashlight illuminate the way find lost objects in the dark Free@iTunes: Go find the direction to a given place navigation simple interface bookmark location 0.79@iTunes: Convertor convert a wide variety of units into other units Speed, Time, Length, Volume, Area, Power, Temperature, Fuel Consumption, Shoe Sizes and many more Free@iTunes: Turn your phone into a pocket protractor measure angles in degrees and radians Free@iTunes: analysis the app analyses the data from your phones accelerometer and creates a vibration spectrum strength and frequency of vibration speed of rotation of many mechanisms: fans, motors etc Free@iTunes: height take a picture save measurement in-app tutorial 0.79@iTunes: Serves like a pocket magnifier magnify from 1x to 10x Free@iTunes: book a licensed handyman in less than a minute chat and media for enquiries After builders / rubbish removal various domestic services FreeOfficial Site: Wood wood guidebook names common uses durability sustainability hardness 3.24@iTunes: Carpenter carpenter kit all in one 1.49@iTunes: