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This is a presentation about testing pieces of software that has been previously installed testing for its functionality. The software that was tested was OpenOffice, Skype and AVG. This is part of my IT coursework*


  • 1. Testing Software AJAY JASSI
  • 2. Why is software tested? Software is tested to see if all the functions and features are working correctly. Full testing can identify errors, inaccurate data and any gaps in the software where it doesnt meet the requirements. If they arent working customer service can be contacted online or by the telephone.
  • 3. Testing Skype Testing to see if Skype opens It opened up quick and normally
  • 4. Check if the latest version is installed Latest version is installed
  • 5. Testing to see if account will log in, now it will setup the basics of Skype by setting up and testing the webcam and mic. Also to test if the sound is working just clicking on test sound. After setup completed
  • 6. Call the Echo/Sound Test Service, for further testing to see if the sound from the mic can be recognised and played back Follow the instructions when in call to complete the test Click call underneath the picture to proceed to the test
  • 7. Testing AVG Testing to see if AVG opens It opened up quick and normal
  • 8. Checking if AVG is updated AVG update found, now downloading file to install
  • 9. AVG has successfully been updated now restart the pc
  • 10. AVG has successfully been updated now restart the pc
  • 11. Scan the pc, to check if it works Click on scan whole computer, to do a full scan
  • 12. Scan the pc, to check if it works Click on scan whole computer, to do a full scan
  • 13. Computer is now scanning, this may vary on time depending the amount of stuff that is stored on the system
  • 14. Testing Open Office Testing to see if OpenOffice opens It took quite a while to open up, but managed normally
  • 15. Check for updates Update available click download to continue
  • 16. It will then redirect to the internet to download the latest version
  • 17. Testing to see if it opens after update Opens up quicker than before Testing to see if it is compatible with opening a documents created in Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint
  • 18. File opened and kept layout similar, without no major changes
  • 19. Again nothing changed besides a few differences from the themes
  • 20. Possible Solutions to resolve software functionality issues and Improvements to process Common issues that occur after software is installed is speed lags and not being compatible. This can is affected by the processor or RAM. It maybe a cause from the processor from being under to much load or it maybe that there isn't enough RAM for the software to run smoothly. Hardware or physical damage could be done to affect the software from having errors and issues. To ensure that there is no damage to the RAM or processor check that the components are connected to the motherboard properly. If not an upgrade will need to be considered in order to get the software functioning.