Technopreneurship - Idea Generation

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Morph Labs' Chairman Winston Damarillo talks about product-market dynamics in the technopreneurship space and the importance of great ideas to reach global markets. This presentation was delivered during the 2007 Tech Boot Camp organized by Ayala Foundation.

Text of Technopreneurship - Idea Generation

  • 1. Finding the Inflection Points Discover that Great Idea to Connect with your Target Market Winston Damarillo
  • 2. Competing with the Giants High-end Good products by Oracle, IBM, BEA good companies will exceed customer Functionality requirements over time ts b en High-volume um Inc In almost all cases, the er ts om n disruptor brings to st eme Cu uir ce Red Hat, MySQL market products with q ur Re nS o less capabilities e Op Time
  • 3. Agents of Change Rapid growth of consumer technology markets Rise of global competitors t a r Declining barriers to entry g due to outsourcing and e on-demand business t models m a r Rise of MicroISVs k e t
  • 4. Harnessing the Net Community enhanced co-Creation Open source software and process Community-generated content (e.g. Wikipedia, MySpace Iterative Beta (Google) Real-time global Distribution Digital downloads Software as a Service (SaaS) Aggregators Worldwide Platform for Promotion Engines 2-way Web ... Blogs, Forums, Twitter
  • 5. Win from the Bottom Create markets through an iterative process Connect to a global distributed market = Internet Push small increments out to your customers Let your product grow organically and let your customers see this
  • 6. Strategic Differentiation Low-end disruptive innovations that address overserved customers with a low-cost model To !and quot;t among # crowd, Ex. Linux vs. Microsoft Windows do not build yquot;r product for # New-market disruptions that #1 company. compete vs. non-consumption
  • 7. Iterative Customer Acquisition S E E Requires a combination of seeing and acting See as a process = continuous look-out for disruption Act to see = engage with prospects to yield key insights on the future Foster vision plurality = nurture internal diversity, while managing alternatives Institutionalize the vision = shared by the company as a whole Stage commitment with iterated actions Reach out to new networks A C T
  • 8. Modularization of Products Loosely coupled technology => loosely coupled businesses Businesses will depend on services that are combined, mixed, matched and re-used Made to Order like Dell Collaborative innovation => modular, standardized building blocks that can be assembled on-demand for specific requirements Applications => Commoditization Aggregated services on-demand Service-oriented
  • 9. Disruption tests 1. Is there a large population who historically have not had the resources to do this thing for themselves, and as a result have gone without it altogether or have needed to pay someone with more expertise to do it for them? 2. Do customers go thru an inconvenient process of accessing the product? 3. Are there customers at the low-end of the market who would be happy to purchase a product with less (but good enough) performance if they could get it a lower price? 4. Is it possible to create a business model that will yield attractive profits at the discount prices required to win the customers at the low end? 5. Is the innovation disruptive to all of the significant incumbent firms in the industry? - The Innovators Solution
  • 10. Questions?