Tech Tools to Organize Your Life

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  • 1.Tech Tools to Organize Your Life For the Computer Operators of Marysville and Port Huron C.O.M.P. Presented by Mark Repp

2. Cloud Storage & Online Backup Solutions O Dropbox (2 GB of free storage) + additional 500 MB for each friend you refer. O Google Drive (5 GB shared between Drive and Google+ Photos) O SkyDrive (25 GB) with a Hotmail or Microsoft Live account. O SugarSync (5 GB free) and syncs to your computer, like Dropbox and Google Drive. O Carbonite (unlimited) Pay service for $59 per year, per computer. 3. Password Managers O Roboform: Pay with different pricing plans: $9.95-Roboform Everywhere $29.95-Roboform Desktop 7 $39.95-Roboform2Go 7 (USB) O LastPass: Free and secure. All passwords are stored online, or download the browser extension. O Mozilla Firefox: Has this built-in within the Security Settings O Google Chrome: Can sync your passwords to other computers. 4. Note Taking/Organization O Evernote (free) O Evernote Premium ($5/month or $45/year) O RememberTheMilk (free) 5. Remote Desktop O LogMeIn (free) Lets you access your home computer from anywhere in the world, as long as it is turned on. Also free for iPad/iPhone, but $29.95 for Android! O LogMeIn Pro ($69.95/year) Includes such features as remote printing, file sharing with a download link and file transfer. O Ammyy Admin (free) Great for remote assistance or a remote demo. Zero setup! O (free) HD video conferencing, mobile screen-sharing, and schedules meetings to your Google Calendar. Worth a try. 6. Browser Bookmark Buttons & Tab Management O Internet Explorer (Links Bar) can be shortened and alphabetized. O Mozilla Firefox (Bookmarks Toolbar) editable. O Google Chrome (Bookmarks Bar synced with your Google account to multiple computers). O Tab Tip #1: Chrome & Firefox can both be set up to pick up where you left off (with last tabs saved). O Tab Tip #2: IE can save tab sets. Favorites>>Add Current Tabs to Favorites. 7. The Taskbar/QuickLaunch Tips O Make Taskbar Buttons Small: Right-click Start button>>Properties>>Taskbar>> Use Small Icons O Add Specific Files to Each Program: Right-click the file and drag it on top of program. O Drag Favorite Programs Onto Taskbar and Pin Them. O Customize the Notification Area: by clicking the Up Arrow and choosing Customize. 8. Bill-Paying & Budget Spreadsheets for Excel O Go to and click on Templates. Then, type in Budget. O Look at what I found (examples given) Family Budget (Monthly), Debt-Reduction Calculator, Monthly Bills, etc. -Email me and I will send it to you. 9. Manage Finances Online (For Free) O Keep track of your monthly bills, bank accounts, and much more. (watch video) O See all your accounts in one place. Pulls it all in for you. One- time setup. (from the makers of Quicken)