Team 3 status report#8

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<ul><li> 1. VOIDDStatus Report #8<br />Voice Recognition for the Deaf VOIDD<br />Team3<br />Ahmad Turki<br />Joaquim Jaime<br />Marcos Francisco<br /> April 6, 2011<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Overall Need<br />Design an all-in-one portable device that will allow the hard of hearing to be aware of their surroundings<br />Design Milestones<br />Design the overall Electric DiagramJanuary 2011<br />Test the Speech Recognition CircuitJanuary 2011<br />Microcontroller Programming &amp; TestingFebruary 2011<br />Test the prototype March 2011<br />Design system casingMarch 2011<br /> 3. Completed Tasks<br />Tasks Completed Recently <br /></p> <ul><li>Done with main code in the microcontroller 4. Installed the vibrator in the wristband 5. Uploaded the teams website 6. Visited the Sunshine Cottage School for the Deaf Children 7. Designed the project logo 8. Submitted the Final Report First Draft 9. Vibrator working at different speeds 10. LCD working properly</li></ul><p>Ongoing/Pending Tasks<br />Designing/Constructing the system case<br />Adding more voices to the V.D<br />Updating the teams website<br />Working on sound vs. speech detection<br />Rewriting the speech recognition code<br /> 11. Upcoming Tasks<br />Test the new code<br />Retest the blocks with the new code<br />Combine all parts in the designed case<br />Final Test<br />Start writing the Final Report 2nd Draft<br />Integrate wireless features for vibrator<br />Purchase new Arduino and XBee modules<br />LilyPadArduino, TX and RX XBees<br />Test the new modules<br /> 12. Functional Block Diagram<br />90%<br />90%<br />80%<br />90%<br />100%<br />100%<br /> 13. Schedule<br /> 14. Schedule<br />Completed<br />Completed<br />Completed<br /></p>