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Tds online return filing

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Online Filing of E-TDS Return

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  • 1.Online Filing of E-TDS Return E-*************************************** ByCA. NIMESH DEDHIA E-mail: [email protected]

2. Introduction Online upload of electronic statement facility can be used for upload of quarterly e-TDS/TCS statements (F.Y. 2005-06 Onwards), e-TDS/TCS returns upto F.Y. 200405 and Annual Information Return (AIR) (F.Y. 2004-05 Onwards). An entity desirous of using this facility has to register itself online as an organisation and can associate its multiple TAN(s) to this organisation. These TANs should belong to the same legal entity for example ABC Bank and its branches (with different TANs) can register as one entity. Registration shall be in the name of ABC Bank and TAN of its different branches can be associated with it. Entities intending to avail of this facility should have a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) (Class II or Class III). 3. Registration for E-filing of E-TDS ReturnFill all required details 4. Registration for E-filing of E-TDS ReturnProvide information regarding Digital Signature.Click on Submit 5. Registration ConfirmationVerify all the details given, If correct then click on Submit 6. Selection of Digital SignatureSelect the DSC and click on Ok 7. Print the Acknowledgement 8. In case of Individual You will receive email from NSDL containing Organisation ID and User ID. 9. In case of Organisation You have to submit this Acknowledgement & Authorisation Letter (In format prescribed by NSDL) to NSDL. After acceptance & verification you will receive email containing Organisation ID and User ID 10. Login to do online filing of E-TDS return Log in page can be accessed under the menu login at home page under the option e-TDS/TCS Online FilingClick Here10 11. Input Login ID and Click on Submit. 12. Select the DSC and Click on Ok 13. First we have to create New User.Click here to Create New User 14. Give details of DSC and click on Submit 15. After click on Submit it will ask for the DSC, Select the DSC and then click on Ok.Select the DSC and Click on Ok 16. After click on Ok, New User will be created. 17. Now we need to map the New user with the TAN, so select TAN-UserId Mapping as displayed below, After that Select User ID. 18. Select TAN and click here to map and then click on submit below. Again it will ask for the dsc selection and signing. 19. After click on Submit, User will be mapped with the TAN Associated. 20. Now we require to complete Payment procedure. Click on Pay through Chque/Demand Draft option as displayed below. 21. 1. Select User Id Level 2. Keep select option in Payment Mode 3. Keep other fields blank and click on Submit. 22. After this, we need to allocate amount, So click on Allocate Amount as displayed below. 23. Give value as 0 and Click on Submit. 24. Now for e-filing you need to login with new user id.Give your New Use id here and the clcik on SubmitAfter click on submit it will ask for DSC and after selceting dsc you will able to login. 25. Keep ready your FVU file for online upload, select TDS/TCS as displayed below. 26. After click on TDS/TCS you will able to see below screen where you have to click on Add Files.After adding the file, status of uploading will be displayed here. 27. After uploading, we can check status of return filed and generate Provisional receipt.Click on TDS to check status & generate Provisional receipt 28. Status of uploading will be displayed here.You can download Provisional Receipt from this link. 29. Any Queries 30. Thank youEmail: [email protected]