SXSW Interactive Workshop PanelPicker "Paint, Plug & Play: Making a Touch Interface"

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What if everything could be made into an interface? What if instead of being limited to stroking handheld plastic rectangles, any physical surface – a wall, piece of fabric, tabletop or piece of paper- could be interactive? Better yet, what if you could conceal this interactivity or hide it in plain sight? This workshop will teach you how to activate surfaces in this way, leading you through the process of designing and making a digital musical instrument. In this hands-on workshop, we’ll introduce you to electrically conductive paint and its technical characteristics. We’ll also show you how it can be applied to a range of materials. You’ll use it to design your own graphical interface on paper or card, and learn how to set-up a special touch-optimized microcontroller to connect to your graphics. After this workshop, you’ll have a clear understanding of how you can create a touch sensor on practically any surface, and you’ll have your very own musical instrument to take away!

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1. SXSW Interactive Panel Picker Slidedeck Austin, TX 8-17 March 2014 PAINT, PLUG AND PLAY: Making a Touch Interface 2. HAVE YOUVE EVER DREAMED OF MAKING A TANGIBLE INTERFACE OUT OF SOMETHING UNEXPECTED? LIKE.... 3. Dundee University Product Research Studio - Party Invites A SHEET OF PAPER? 4. Alicja Pytlewska - Liminal Object A 3D OBJECT? 5. Studio Luma - Workshop A PIECE OF CARDBOARD? 6. Bare Conductive - Fabric Calculator FABRIC? 7. Bare Conductive - Lightswitch OR ON A WALL? 8. IN THIS WORKSHOP WELL SHOW YOU HOW TO: 1. Design a graphical interface (Paint) 2. Set-up a touch-optimized microcontroller (Plug) 3. Connect the two....and Play! 9. Bloodmountain - Workshop 10. RAPP - Workshop 11. Bare Conductive - Capacitive Sensor 12. WELL INTRODUCE YOU TO SOME NEAT TOOLS 13. + 14. AND TEACH YOU HOW TO USE THEM. By the time were done, youll have a clear understanding of how to create a touch sensor on any surface, and youll have your very own musical instrument to take away! 15. SO IF THAT WASNT ENOUGH TO MAKE YOUR HEAD SPIN Check out the projects below, and start thinking about what youre going to make this coming March at SXSW! 16. Postcard Player - Uniform 17. Ross Atkin, Sam Jewel & Lyn Levett - The Lynstrument 18. MusicInk 19. Sound Poster -Trapped in Suburbia 20. Play Paper - Immagination 21. Brendan Dawes - Happiness Machine 22. Isabel Lizardi Bare Conductive Maker, Designer, Experimenter and Baker. Co-founder of Bare Conductive and physical interaction aficionado. Matt Johnson Bare Conductive Hacker, Tinkerer, Maker and motorcycle enthusiast. Co- founder of Bare Conductive, and lover of all gadgets. PLEASE VOTE SO YOU CAN PAINT, PLUG & PLAY We look forward to seeing you in Austin!