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Summary of FindingsSummary: Josh Hanson, a 21 year old, was stabbed in the neck with a sharp implement before dying at the scene at 1:10am Sunday 11/10/15, despite paramedics attempts to save him. The bar has an over 21s policy, indicating that he was not questioned for ID as he should have been. Scotland Yard, along with the Metropolitan Police, have launched a murder investigation to get in contact with the 40 people present in the bar at the time, however no arrests have been made- a post-mortem examination is due to take place. Shane OBrien is currently wanted for questioning, however no formal decisions have been made. Anyone with information can contact police on 020 8785 8099 or speak to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.Knife crime is on a rise for the first time in four years. Knife crime is still lower than it was prior to 2012 but recently has increased by 3%, with 3.8 million offences recorded in the year.The ONS data showed that possession of knife offences rose by 10%, sexual assaults with knives went up 28%, and knife assaults increased by 13% from 11,911 to 13,488 offences. However there was a decrease in robberies involving knives, down 14% from 11,927 to 10,270.Primary Sources:Appendixes A-D In order to determine our headline story, we conducted a factual broadcast survey to determine which headline story we should choose. Our results for Appendixes A-C indicated that we should choose the story Man stabbed to death in a bar in Northwest London, whilst appendix D indicated to choose Witchcraft abuse cases on the rise.

Secondary Sources: .0