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Hermstedt StingRay is a multi-protocol, Managed file transfer server. This slide show demonstrates the features and functionality associated when using StingRay to send large files via FTP.

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  • 1. Hermstedt StingRay StingRay for FTP File Transfer

2. What is StingRay? StingRay is an in-house appliance dedicated to sending and receiving large files. It offers a range of file delivery options including: FTP Web Browser upload and download Email file delivery StingRay provides users with incredible flexibility and will centralise ALL file transfers within your organisation. 3. StingRay for FTP StingRay can be used for: Sending (uploading) files via FTP Receiving files via FTP Hosting files for collection Retrieving files automatically from remote servers 4. Sending Files via FTP StingRays centralised address book acts as a network- wide FTP client and can be used to upload files and folders to any remote, standard FTP server. 5. Sending Files via FTP StingRay sends files using a centrally driven, global address book that contains all of your customer details. 6. Sending Files via FTP StingRay offers users simple, drag and drop file sending features. 7. Sending Files via FTP StingRay provides both internal users and customers with email notification, to inform them when a job has been sent. 8. Receiving Files via FTP All files arrive in one, central incoming Job List which can be sorted into mailboxes - for example, by your customers company name. 9. Receiving Files via FTP Files received by StingRay can be manually collected from the server or auto-forwarded into your workflow via AFP or FTP. 10. Receiving Files via FTP StingRay generates thumbnail previews of incoming files (Mac client), so that users can view and identify files before downloading. It supports most graphical file formats including, pdf, jpeg, gif, tiff, bmp etc. 11. Receiving Files via FTP Email notification is supplied to both internal users and external customers when files are uploaded by a remote site. 12. Hosting Files via FTP Each customer can have a securely partitioned folder, where files are hosted for collection. They can also upload files to this folder. 13. Hosting Files via FTP StingRays FTP server is accessible using any standard FTP client. 14. Hosting Files via FTP StingRay gives administrators full control over users with read, write and delete access privileges. 15. Hosting Files via FTP StingRay provides both external customers and internal users with notification upon upload, download or deletion of a file or folder. 16. Retrieving Files via FTP StingRay can be configured to auto-retrieve files from remote FTP servers. 17. Retrieving Files via FTP StingRay will auto-delete files once they have been downloaded to avoid the same file being downloaded more than once. 18. Additional Security Features As StingRay is a hardware appliance, it has added security features such as: Files are stored securely in an SQL database. Files cannot be executed on the server, removingthe possibility for virus and Trojan horse attacks. Routing between the Internet and local network isremoved making it impossible to hack into 19. StingRay - not just FTPFTP is just one of the many file transfer protocols provided by StingRay.For further information on the file transferoptions offered by StingRay please visit 20. If youd like any further information or a demonstration please contact us onUK +44 (0) 870 250 2220 Germany +49 (0) 621 724 5841or email