Squiz Seminar - Optimising Online Channels: Nick Peart, Clearswift

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A case study showcasing how Clearswift manage their multilingual websites and how they are using the contexts funtionality of Squiz CMS to deliver personalised content to their website visitors.

Text of Squiz Seminar - Optimising Online Channels: Nick Peart, Clearswift

  • 1. Multi-lingual sites inMatrix and Squiz CMS
    • Nick Peart
  • Director of Corporate Marketing
  • @N_Peart

2. Context 3. a brief history in time

  • 2008December Selected MyMatrix
  • 2009 February Launched Clearswift.com
          • Rolled out EN, DE & JP versions
  • April Partner Portal in German and English
  • September Trialed micro sites FR, SP, IT
  • 2010October archived the DE,EN Partner Portal
  • 2011July Migrated to Squiz CMS EN, JP, DE July Hired Phil for anlytics
  • August All about context

4. June 2011 Clearswift Digital World HQ JP CEE 5. Multilingual MyMatrix 6. It is all about Cloning 7. Clone, change 8. Challenges 9. _edit (easy edit suite)

  • Workflow
  • Easier editing and management

10. Connecting to Marketing System 11. Asset #98677, #98777, #99400 12. Asset #11506 (Language context) 13. The problem HQ AMS UK APAC JP CEE INT 14.

  • We have really everything in common with America nowadays except

of course, language The Canterville Ghost(1887) 15. Multilingual English (GeoIP) 16. Asset #11506 (Language context) 17. Context. 18. Digital World October 2011 HQ AMS UK APAC JP CEE INT 19. Design Layer Live Chat 20. Design Layer Nested Content 21. Key learnings

  • Multi-Lingual sites need to be complete
  • Use webpaths in Squiz CMS
    • www.clearswift.com/apac/
  • Nested content for the areas of the site that are static but localised
    • Even nested content within nested content
  • Make use of Snippets for content that is always same
  • Remember If you edit a page the link to the master is broken

22. Thank you, any questions?

  • Me: Nick Peart
  • Email: [email_address]
  • Twitter:@N_Peart
  • Mobile:+44 7971 265992
  • Referenced technologies:
  • Live Chat: Olark
  • www.Olark.com
  • Marketing System: StrartegyMix
  • www.strategymix.co.uk