Splunk user group - automating Splunk with Ansible

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A talk I gave at the London Splunk User Group in July of 2014. A brief overview of why choose Ansible over the other options, then some live demos of configuring certain bits of Splunk with Ansible. Intended to be a taster of what's possible. All the Ansible playbooks are shared on Github, the link to which is in the presentation.

Text of Splunk user group - automating Splunk with Ansible

  • 1.Automating Splunk Conguration Mark Phillips

2. Topics Which tool? Demo: Conguration storage Demo: Enabling forwarding Demo: Installing and managing forwarders Demo: Maintaining apps 3. About Me Linux tinkerer since 1992 Automating stuff since 1993 Done time in small organisations through to Investment Banks Im lazy 4. Albert Einstein Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler 5. Infrastructure as code 6. Ansible Agent less SSH for transport Common language - YAML Easy to learn quickly 7. Learn More Slides from DevOps Cardif (Puppet vs Chef vs Ansible) Blog post I wrote last year Splunk's recent blog on Splunk + Ansible Get started with Ansible 8. El Reg: "Are your servers PETS or CATTLE?" 9. (The Splunk GUI is ne for managing a small estate) 10. (But as you get larger, really you need more help: automation) 11. Demos Github repo used to build the demos: http://github.com/phips/splunkbox/tree/jldemo 12. Ansible Tower http://www.ansible.com/tower 13. Mark Phillips mark@vntx.cc @vntxuk Blog: probably.co.uk