Spectacular living room design and 3 d rendering – interior design ideas at your fingertips

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A pleasant setting for entertaining your guest or hosting parties in your living room is a dream for every individual. Interior design to your taste is one of the very important aspects to it. Would it be great if you could just pick and choose the right thing for your living room interiors? Of course, it would be ready at your fingertips with 3D Renderings.


  • 1. 1 Copyright 2014 Hi-Tech CADD Services. All Rights Reserved.Email:info@hitechcaddservices.comVoice (India): +91-794-000-3252Spectacular Living Room Design and 3D Rendering Interior Design Ideas at Your FingertipsPublished By: Nikunj PatelLavish Living Room InteriorsYour living room needs to have a pleasant setting where you can host and entertain your guests. This room is actually the most frequented, and designing it to your taste is very important. Wouldnt it be great if you could just pick and chose, integrate and voil your living room interiors are done. Architectural interior lighting and rendering makes this possible now you can have interior design ideas at your finger tips.

2. 2 Copyright 2014 Hi-Tech CADD Services. All Rights Reserved.Modern Minimalistic and Chic:Living rooms are getting smaller, and the best way to make these small spaces look big is to keep it simple. This is what we call modern, minimalistic and chic. 3. 3 Copyright 2014 Hi-Tech CADD Services. All Rights Reserved.Lavish Living Room Interiors:If you are lucky enough to have a spacious living room, where you often host parties and entertain your guests then the lavish designs false ceilings and ambient lighting is perfect for you. A perfect setting to host a dinner party, to relax and chill with your group of friends, enjoy a movie with some coke and popcorns fun not compromised.The Studio Apartment Living space Design: 4. 4 Copyright 2014 Hi-Tech CADD Services. All Rights Reserved.Studio apartments need not look stuffed anymore; they can be designed to look stunning and spacious. Have a look.Contact a 3D modeling and rendering experts, discuss your interior design ideas and get a room designed and rendered as per your choice. Once you have a few options on hand, it is easy to pick and choose.There are several other interior styles, like the bohemian chic, classic, color pop, retro style and many more. You 3D modeler /interior designer will guide you in creating a living room design and choosing the furnishings, lighting and furniture that represents you. 5. 5 Copyright 2014 Hi-Tech CADD Services. All Rights Reserved.Create smart storage in your living room smart furniture designs. Clean edges and minimalistic designs are the current trend. However, do not be afraid to experiment. Architectural 3D rendering allows you that freedom.Furniture placement, foot space and lighting are some important aspects of a living room interior setting. Here we have presented some modern and prim interiors; however do not be afraid to experiment with colors and textures.Hi-Tech CADD Services is a reputed, India based company providing interior design and Architectural 3D modeling, lighting and rendering services to property owners, real estate agents, architects, furniture designers and developers. The company is known for its excellent rendering quality, timely completion of projects, good understanding of client requirements and hence delivery of outputs that result in client satisfaction.The Original Article Published at:http://archinect.com/hitechcadd/release/spectacular-living-room-design-and-3d-rendering-interior-design-ideas-at-your-fingertips