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Talk ontaxonomy, identifiers, and links given at pro-iBiosphere meeting, Leiden, 13 February 2013

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  • 1.@rdmpagehttp://iphylo.blogspot.comWhy the semantic web is more than PDFThe semantic web and taxonomySurfacing the deep data of taxonomySomething about links

2. @mycokeys10.3897/mycokeys.5.4302 3. Where are: The users? The questions? The science? 4. Phylogeography 5. Taxonomy 6. Our questions span multipledatabases (paths in network) 7. Specimens and diseases 8. PMID:948206 9. 10. 11. BHL and GBIF as biomedical databases 12. Metrics 13. In an attempt to live up to that increasingdemand for documentation, the leadership ofthe Natural History Museum of Denmark hasissued an order to its curatorial staff - Thestaff members are requested to documentwhich publications from 2011, writtenentirely by external scientists, that in one wayor another are based on material in thecollections of the Museum.@TAXACOM 14.!/search/10.1371%252Fjournal.pone.0036881 15. /205595933159858176 16. 17. Impact ofcollection 18. Cited, linkable specimensNMNH Vertebrate Zoology11194Herpetology CollectionsHerpetology Collection (Universityof Kansas Biodiversity Research9619Center)CAS Herpetology Collection Catalog 6720 MCZ Herpetology Collection5818 19. The story of the web (its all about links) 20. http:// http:// 21. http://http:// link , 22. http:// http:// http:// 23. http://http://personbookis a author ofFred http:// 24. The Semantic web:The future of the weband always will be Peter Norvig (Google) 25. http://http://personbookis a author ofFred http:// 26. http:// http:// http:// 27. Without links we will #fail to deliver the cool stuff 28. http://http:// link , 29. Links = pairs of identifiers 30. Problem:nobody sees value in the links 31. @mycokeys10.3897/mycokeys.5.4302 32. Publishers Museums Genomics 33. Question 1:When will we value links enough to create and maintain them? 34. #@$! GBIF keeps changing URLs! 35. Citation network = valuable links 36. Question 2:How do we link in the absence of identifiers? 37. When shall we link? 38. When shall we link? Just in case (hard coded) Identifiers e.g., DOIs Just in time (link when needed) Instructions to make link OpenURL 39. Just in casedoi:10.1186/1471-2105-12-187Just in time?journal=BMC Bioinformatics&volume=12&spage=187 40. The challenge:How do we make persistent linksin the absence of persistent identifiers?