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  1. 1. Title: Software Testing Types Non Functional TestingWhat is Non-Functional Testing?This type of software testing checks for any obligation/s like response time, stability, usability,authentication, integrity, configuration, variances and defects etc. Anything not related to functionality ofthe application is considered to be non functional.Advantages of Non Functional Testing Since, this testing is performed after the completion of functional testing so any surplus defects orunfixed defect fixes can be tested here, while improving the overall performance of the software andefficiency. The focus of testing is on immunity and security outlook, so the system delivers the final output anddoesnt crash in case of load. The focus is on the performance of the application versus the functionality of the application.Some of the most common types of non-functional testing: Reliability testing - Testing is executed to make sure the application is defect free to the extent agreedand meet the entire requirements as per the clients specifications. Performance Testing Focus how the current application meet the all the conditions and criterias asspecified. The testing is organized and consists of analyzing the results to determine if the system wouldfail under load and how the application would react under the heavy workload to gain an understandingon capabilities of the system. One of the popular tools is Loadrunner now Performance Center from HP.There are other tools available and sometimes custom tools built by organizations to performance testtheir applications. Usability Testing- This testing is done to validate if the software is efficient enough and satisfies therequirements and user friendliness. Load Testing This testing is done to understand the maximal load limit the software can handle theunder various load conditions generally to validate that the software can handle a wide variety of loadsat various points of time during the day. Security Testing- In this testing, the software or the product is validated from a safety and securityviewpoint. How safe is it to use, what security risks are involved while verifying that the performance ofthe software is not compromised. Recovery Testing In the event of a system crash, this type of testing becomes important. It focuses onhow fast and fully we can recover if the application encounters a crash or catastrophe. To test, theapplication under test in forcibly broken down and it is verified how fast and quickly it can be recoveredfrom the breakdown. Stress Testing Testing performed to disclose the breaking point of an application typically due to diskor memory shortage. Compatibility Testing- This is performed to ensure that the software is compatible with the existinghardware and all other running applications. The objective is to ensure the application under test doesnot confront or cause an undesirable impact with the current processes.
  2. 2. Also, any testing type ending in an ility like compatibility, vulnerability etc. is generally consideredNon-Functional Testing.About STEPIN2IT: Headquartered in Toronto, Stepin2IT is one of the fastest growing trainingorganizations in North America providing training programs that are aimed at bridging the skillsgap and to develop the knowledge base and skill set of its trainees. We are committed to be thetraining provider of choice for individuals and organizations alike. We are a growth-oriented,customer-focused, integrated training organization focused on delivering Hands onIT training which believes in Transforming IT education into job skills. We provide a widevariety of training programs aligned with industry requirements. For more information onSoftware Testing training or QA Training in Toronto or elsewhere contact us now on416.743.6333 or


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