Software testing fundamental test process

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  • 1. Software Testing Fundamental Test Process
  • 2. Testing must be planned. This is one of Bill Hetzel's 6 testing principles [Hetzel 88 p25] and he says we are all agreed on this one. However, he points out that the problem is that most of us do not discipline ourselves to act upon it. Good testing requires thinking out an overall approach, designing tests and establishing expected results' for each of the test cases we choose.
  • 3. You have seen already that we cannot test everything, we must make a selection, and the planning and care we expend on that selection accounts for much of the difference between good and poor testers.
  • 4. The quality and effectiveness of software testing are primarily determined by the quality of the test processes used [Kit 95]. This is one of Ed Kit's 6 essentials of software testing. Test groups that operate within organizations that have an immature development process will feel more pain than those that do not. However, the test group should strive to improve its own internal testing processes. This section of the course shows a fundamental test process, based on the BS7925-2 standard for software component testing.
  • 5. The fundamental test process comprises planning, specification, execution, recording and checking for completion. You will find organizations that have slightly different names for each stage of the process and you may find some processes that have just 4 stages, where 4 & 5 are combined, for example. However, you will find that all good test processes adhere to this fundamental structure.
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