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SocialTagg is an integrated event platform with a focus on networking. At the heart of our event platform is a world-class networking app. We make business cards obsolete by enabling instant exchange of contact information, cloud storage for your Contaggs, and the ability to add notes for each connection you make.

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  • 1. Better Networking. Better Events. @SocialTagg

2. The Event Organizers Problem 3. The Networkers Problem 4. What is SocialTagg? Integrated Event Platform World-class networking apps with cloud storage Efficient registration and check-in of attendees Big data analytics for event organizers Create and distribute mobile event surveys 5. How to Use SocialTagg Create Profile. Share Your Badge. Scan Their Badge. Check Into Events. Add Contacts. 6. Traction Over 3,000 downloads of mobile apps Over 30 events hosted Over 400 event check-ins Over 5,000 Contaggs shared 7. Integrated Solution Superior technical team Low Friction 1 2 3 8. Business Model Grow Engineering Team Premium App2 Value Adds3Ticketing1 9. Karim Varela President Director of Engineering, Tinder BACS, UCSB + MBA, University of Florida The Team John Baumbach Chief Server Architect Director of Systems Development, Fandango BSCS, California State University, Northridge Jeffrey Mock VP of Engineering, iOS Developer Lead iOS Architect, Fandango BSCS, Loyola Marymount University, Magna Cum Laude Jade Shyu VP of Marketing & Design Internet Marketer, Design Shuffle MA International Business, Concordia University Louis Tang Director of Engineering, Android Developer Senior Android Developer, Fandango BS Information Systems, University of Missouri 10. Funding Status Raising: $600k For the next year. Grow Sales & Engineering Teams Launch Marketing Campaigns Build Ticketing Platform