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This presentation is a half part of presentation given on Nov 2 2011 at JAX Conference in London

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Social Media Programming

Social Media Programming Khanderao Kand CTOGloMantra IncRelevant Recommendation Plaform

@khanderaoNov 2, 2011 at JAX Conference, LondonCTO of Glomantra and myBantu in Silicon Valley, CA, USAAI based Relevance Engine / recommendation technology with Social IntelligenceMybantu is for your daily needs available on Android, iPhone, Facebook and mybantu.comProjects on Social Commerce and Social CRM

BIO:20 years in Industry (currently AI, SOA, Social, Mobile and Cloud Technologies)Lead Oracles SOA and BPM ArchitectureChief Consultanting Architect for SOA and BPM to 50+ architects & hundreds of developers of Oracles next Generation Fusion Apps Lead Architect of PeopletoolsArchitect in CRM, Online Dialog Marketing, OLAP HyperionParticipated in Standards of BPEL and SCA at OASIS9 Patents filledFrequent Speaker in conferencesAuthored articles in JDJ, WSJ, Cloud ComputingUpcoming books: SOA with Java, Social Media Programming on Java

Khanderao KandBusiness Case: Social Media for BusinessesSocial Media Apps: Social CRM and Social CommerceHigher Level Architectures of S-CRM and S-CommerceAPIs, Frameworks and Tools:Key Technologies, APIs Interfacing with Popular Social mediaStorage Social Media Data ProcessingAgenda

Data Point 1

Data Point 2: Facebook Crossed GoogleSocial Media ValuationsFacebook 65Billion, Twitter $7billion (April $4.4b in Jan) , Groupon $10 ?billion Zynga $9billionLinkedIN $8.5B

Explosion of Social Media Valuation

Is it a Hype?RevenuesFacebook 2010 (6th year) $2 billionZynga 2010(3rd year) : $850 millionGroupon 2010 (2nd year) 750millionTwitter (7th year) $100 million

Reality: Revenues and ValuationsCompare with (however keep in mind the time progression)Novell, took three years for $50million. Microsoft crossed the $50 million barrier in eight years; Oracle, 10 years.Market Caps: Compare with: Amazon 82billion, Google 186Billion, eBay $40billion, Dell 28B, IBM 200 billion,Ford 56B, GM 47B,

Gartner predicts 40% of fortune 1000 would use Social Media Apps in 2012-13

FutureJC PennyWe go where customers areGNCYou do not need to leave your favorite site for doing shoppingGap1-800-flowersDelta airlineNikeDexterCoca-colaStarbucksApple Apps Stores

Big Brands on Facebook

Facebook has brought your social world online with real identitiesSocial Media enables how you interact with leverage your social worldFor example, you share , you ask before deciding, you provide feedback, you express approvals/disapprovals and you learn about others, learn from othersSee how it correlates to your Social Media Activities:Share : Photos, Video, News, Thoughts, Personal UpdatesAsk: Get opinions / get recommendationsFeedback: Comment FB/LinkedIn, tweet, Shoutouts(Dis) Approval: Like / Dislike on anything Observe get influenced : Follow popular tweets, become Fan

How does your Social relationship work on SMNs?Consumers get information about products and services from Social Media Network Marketing Consumer decide based to buy or use service on friends and social buzz Peer influence generating sales / social commerce

Consumers buy/usage experience action is shared and kicks in virality Viral growth / cross sale

Consumers rate, review, shoutout/like/dislike influences decisions of others as well as image / brand of product / company / service Positive / negative branding affects future sales / revenue

Usages of consumers social behavior on businesses.Recent (early 2010) Activities Radian6 got acquired by Salesforce at $350 millionOvertone got acquired by eGain (not disclosed)Google Acquired Y-Combinator startup TalkBean at$35mBEA founder started Magnet for Social Media with 15m infusionMany startups getting funded in the space

Social CRM frenzySocial Media Business Apps Business Apps on Social Media

Enabling Social Media Widgets on Business Apps

Processing Social Media Data for BusinessesTypes of Social Media Business AppsAbility to quickly spread awareness about product, events, services, news at a low cost (Social Media Marketing)Ability to get insight of customers reactions, and views (Social Media Market Research / Media Monitoring)Monitor Trend (Social Media Market Research / Media Monitoring)Monitor Brand (Social Media Market Research / Media Monitoring)Ability to engage customers to develop loyalty or minimize damage (Social CRM / Social Media Engagement)Sales: Increase revenue by influencing decisions and taking transactions where customers are (Social Commerce )Social CRM / Marketing : Social Analytics: Better Understanding of customer and market Competitive analysisActionable Social Intelligence: Crowd Intelligence, New ideas, feature enhancement request

CRM / Commerce Use Cases for businesses for using Social Media IBMs Smart Commerce initiative started with $2.5 billion acquisitions: Sterling Commerce (connect online and offline networks of suppliers and customers)Unica (customer preferences in marketing campaigns) and Coremetrics (real-time analysis of customer comments and behavior)Goal: New approach to buying, selling, and marketing.Insight into how customers feel about and use products, and influence their & their social circles buy decisionsAddressable market $70billion (Software, & services)Deploying 1200 salesmen and about 1000 services people Launched Smarter Commerce University

IBMs Social Commerce Initiative

Infograph of F-CommerceSource: Fcommerce ecosphere visual: Janice Diner

Facebook Widgets

myBantuSocial Commerce ArchitectureSocial Commerce Widgets:

myBantu (GloMantra)getOpinion, Like/Thrash, Rate, Shoutout, Recommendation, socialBuzz, hotmeter

BazarVoiceReviews, Ratings, BrandVoice, BrandAnswers, Ask&Answer

Pluck:Popular Contents, Comments, Active Users, Recommendation,

A View ofIBM Smart CommerceWebSphere Platform

Find SimilargloMantra MyBantu Social CommerceWidgets on An Apparel Site

Foundation Protocols / Interfaces HTTP RESTJSON XMLRSSOauth OpenIdSocial Media APIs and InterfacesOpen SocialFacebook API: Graph API and Open Graph 1 and 2Twitter APIGoogle+Social Graph from GoogleProcessing TechnologiesHadoop, NOSQL, GraphDBUnstructured Processing / Text Processing / Text AnalyticsNLP, Machine Learning

Interfacing with Key Social MediaQ & A