Social Media and Mobile Event Technology, Tools, and Apps Oh My!

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  1. 1. M619Social Media and MobileEvent Technology, Tools, and Apps OH M Y!! Desiree Lehrbaum & Eric Lukazewski March 28, 2011
  2. 2. Mobile is a means to agreater end Enable greater and broader participation Foster community Bridge face to face with digital Personalize their experiences Foster sustainable approaches Package your event experience to go
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  4. 4. Trends in Mobile
  5. 5. Morgan Stanley predicts by 2015mobile web will surpass Internetdesktop use
  6. 6. Mobile Phone Adoption In 2011 more people have mobile phones than haveaccess to running water (4.6 billion) 1 in 4 US mobile subscribers uses a smartphone* 1 in 8 mobile adult cell phone users has paid todownload an app*ComScore by Joost J. Bakker Ijmuiden
  7. 7. Millenials (1982-1995) 40% of the workforce will be comprised of Gen Y/Millennials by 2015 80% of current Gen Y/Millenials browse news viamobile web 1 in 5 Millenials have dropped their smartphone inthe toilet
  8. 8. The Mobile Executive 82% of executives use a smartphone and onaverage carry 3.46 devices Nearly 2/3 are comfortable making a purchase ontheir mobile device 45% believe a smartphone will be their primarydevice in three yearsSource: Fobres Insights The UntetheredExecutive: Business Information in the ageof mobility October 2010
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  10. 10. Mobile Devices
  11. 11. Smartphone Market Share
  12. 12. What Kind ofSmartphoneAre you?
  13. 13. Tablets: Not just for Angry Birds Deloitte forecasts enterprises will purchase more 25% of all tablet devices sold worldwide in 2011 According to Apple more than 80 percent of the Fortune 100 have already deployed the iPad in the enterprise or are piloting it 65% of execs agree theyll be using tablets more frequently than a computer in 3 years*
  14. 14. The Changing Landscape All cars were trucks because thats what you needed on the farm. Now trucks are one in 25-30 vehicles sold. PCs are like trucks. They will still be around. This transformation will make some people uneasy- Steve Jobs, June 2010
  15. 15. Size Matters Mobility more than just repurposing all yourcontent onto a smaller screen Have to think about- Context - where and when is user accessing?- Device - Tablet? Smartphone?- Purpose
  16. 16. Mobile Behavior
  17. 17. Why Consumption ofContent is Changing Improved experience on mobile devices - Larger screens - 3G/4G - Unlimited data plans - Theres an app for that Consumers (and attendees) have a wider range of choices
  18. 18. How are AmericansUsing Mobile Phones? IM20102009 Play music Record videoEmailPlay games Access internet SMSTake pictures 0% 20% 40% 60%80%
  19. 19. Mobile Video 200 million YouTube views appear on mobile devices every day Only 10% of the 229 million subscribers 13 and over watch video on their phones Almost 50% of the 22 million mobile viewers in Q2-2010 watched a video on YouTube making it the the #1 mobile video
  20. 20. Mobile ContentConsiderations On average, mobile users move on after about 60 seconds of content 87% of traffic is generated by 10% of mobile data power users
  21. 21. Mobile Payments Juniper forecasts $22 billion inmobile banking and paymentsin 2011 Amazon more than $1 billion inproducts ordered via mobiledevice $2 billion of eBays $53 billionin merchandise transactionswere from mobile devices
  22. 22. Buying your Latte with yourSmartphone 6800 US stores enable mobilepayments from iPhone, iPodtouch & Blackberry 1 in 5 customers uses aStarbucks card to pay Majority use their SPs while in line More users carry SP than a walletor purse
  23. 23. The Growth of Mobile
  24. 24. Developing a Strategy
  25. 25. Forrester POST Methodology People - Know your Audience Objectives - Decide on your objective before you decide on a technology Strategy - Imagine the endpoint to find your beginning Technology - Utilize the tools that complete your objectives
  26. 26. What Strategy is Important toYou? Enable greater and broader participation Foster community Bridge face to face with digital Personalize their experiences Foster sustainable approaches Package your event experience to go What else?
  27. 27. Group Exercise POST Methodology
  28. 28. Challenges of Mobile inEvents Environment: Wireless availability, access, andaffordability Perception: Many see mobile as a nice to have Industry: Rapidly changing space
  29. 29. Overcoming Challenges Challenge Solution Wireless availability & Create your own wirelessreliabilityenvironment Development of mobile sites/ DIY app development &apps is expensive andmobile plug-insrequires deep technical Understanding platformexpertiselongevity Rapidly changing space
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  31. 31. Mobile TechnologyConsiderationsNative AppsMobile Web Custom Development DIYDevelopment ApproachDIYOff-the-Shelf DevelopmentPiggyback Web Platform PluginsSponsorships Content AccessDownloadedWeb Browser (Internet Req)PlatformsiPhone, Android, Etc.Web Enabled Devices Costs$250-$50,000 $50-$5,000Time 1-3 MonthsFew Hours to Few DaysApproval ProcessRequiredNonePush Notifications Wide Platform Coverage Features/AdvantagesGeolocation Low Barrier Entry Offline Content Easier Update ManagementMonetizationEase of Setup & UseSHOT Show EXHIBITOR2011Examples Boston Conv Center EventCamp National Conf Dreamforce
  32. 32. 10 Ps - Functionality &Features PresentationPayments PresencePush Proximity Performance Personalization Panache Privacy PermissionSource: MeetingTechOnline Buyers Guideto Mobile Apps
  33. 33. Other Mobile Opportunities
  34. 34. SMS With opt-in, content is delivered at your demand Invites opportunities for engagement and can easily tie in to promotional/sponsorship campaigns Universal access - SMS features are enabled on most mobile phones
  35. 35. Geolocation Gaming increasesengagement and ties exhibitinformation in to fun activities Foursquare, Gowalla,Facebook Places - Existingapplications that manyattendees may be using
  36. 36. The Fun of Geolocation Reports your location andlocation of others Check-in to popularlocations/businesses Earn rewards points, badges,and if you check-in the mostcan become Mayor and getfreebies or discounts
  37. 37. QR Codes Print based hypertext links Expedite information exchange(registration, biz card, contact info,etc.) Scan and Go - information canbe downloaded and digestedwithout needing to be stationary.Attendees can scan and consumecontent at their convenience
  38. 38. Digital Collateral Replaces/reduces amount of trade show literature by giving attendee opportunity to download digital version Measurable. Distribution can be tracked, down to attendee sharing Reduces money on printing & shipping and reduces waste Has SMS feature, for those without
  39. 39. QR Codes
  40. 40. Real World Examples
  41. 41. Adobe MAX Companion Annual developer conference 5 days. Over 200 sessions. Over 60 ancillary events. 3 unconferences. Unlimited tweet-ups, meetings, and informal gatherings Needed to communicate it all, allow attendees to interact, stay connected, and drive additional information, all while showcasing Adobe technology?
  42. 42. Aggregate Channels &Immersive Experience Agenda Detailed session information Speaker lists Your personal MAX schedule Venue Maps News and announcements Integrated twitter feed
  43. 43. Mass Convention CenterAuthority Custom developed App bySwiftmobile Available on iPhone, Android,Blackberry, iPad, mobile web Venues, transportations, Nearby,Agendas, social media Free - $10K sliding scale offunctionality
  44. 44. Sports SouthSHOT Show 2011 Exhibitor provided salesstaff with iPads & used aniPhone/iPad app for leadretrieval Exhibitor developed aniPad app under a developerlicense (no Apple approvalneeded), which gavemobility for demos
  45. 45. SHOT Show 2011 SHOT Show managementdeveloped an app for attendeesincluding integrated floorplan withgeolocation support, educationschedules, personalized agenda &exhibitor suggestions
  46. 46. Swyft TechnologyDreamforce 2010 Exhibitor received 60 check-ins from 40 different users in December 2010 Tied in check ins with iPad promotional giveaway and mayor t-shirt
  47. 47. Cool Technologies
  48. 48. Square Accept credit card swipepayments from mobile devices Allows for cash transactions Set up mobile storefront
  49. 49. Meeting Space Calculator Estimate meeting capacitiesbased on room sizes
  50. 50. iLeads Capture leads anywhere, anytime on the show floor or aparty. Simply enter the uniquenumber printed on each badge- the record is quickly andeasily captured.
  51. 51. Wiffiti Publishes SMS & Twittermessages to a screen Interactive from mobiledevices
  52. 52. Pollydaddy Polls can be created andsynced automatically to iOSdevices Offline mode allows for easymobile polling
  53. 53. Jumpscan Create your personalized QRcode with contact info Link to social profiles andinfo including Twitter,Facebook and V-Card
  54. 54. FatStax Store a variety ofinformation with offlineaccess Sync literature, catalogs,etc. and send to attendeeson demand
  55. 55. Creating your Own QR Codes Generate QR codes with links to- Phone numbers- SMS Msg- URLs- Google Maps location- PayPal Buy now link- Event- Social Media Link
  56. 56. Instagram Users take photos and stylizethem to share with others Creative way to encourageattendees to share photos
  57. 57. Resources m Slideshare References App Recommendations Videos
  58. 58. ContactDesiree Lehrbaum Eric