Social Intelligence - Moving from Keywords to Content Relevancy

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10:30am-11:00am Chase McMichael, CEO, Infinigraph @ChaseMcMichael The social digital river is creating a wealth of consumer and business information. Learn how finding Influencers and making Advocates heats up your social campaigns by connecting the right social intelligence to match enterprise-grade requirements.


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    Social Intelligence - Moving from Keywords to Content Relevancy

2. Activity Streams are the future of collaboration
Every 20 years, a new widespread from of enterprise collaboration has been adopted
3. Beyond Listening: Reinventing Social Media Keyword Monitoring
If a status update reaches a social network but no one sees it, does it exist?
4. What is Social Media Monitoring
Social Media Monitoring is:
Analyzing, understanding and responding to conversations about brands, products, reputations and end-users opinions in the Social Web
5. We are IN Noise
"drinking from social media fire hose"; were entering into "Facebook Fatigue"
6. The problem for Brands
People who maintain a profile on a social network.
Enabled sites
Status updates
All adds up to a cacophony of voices vying for our attention.
7. Cutting through the noise
Your customers are talking just not about you
and not on the keywords youre listening on
8. People VS. KeyWords
The Social Graph is EXPANDING
"Its not about who you're connected to today, its about who you're NOT connected to today...Research your influencers"
The Key conversations are not around your brand
9. What is Social Intelligence
Pro Active
Social Intelligence is:
Deriving relevance from consumer actions around content interaction and others who havein common connections through the Social Graph
10. Content Resonance
11. Life is not about being liked its about being effective
The Content StreamHow relevant is your feed?
Major challenge is knowing what to put in your feed
13. Customers are the Best Source
14. Crowd sourced relevance
15. Social Activation With Intelligence
Connect with those who are most active around similar brands and have friends connected to you
16. Context Matters - Proof wanted to see proof that Social Intelligence would increase Click Through Rates (CTR)
The promotion: The 50 Most Badass Premier League Moments of the 2000s
Increased the (CTR) by 58%from the original post
Generated a 66% increase in Re Tweet driving broader social reach.
17. Target Context Drives CTR
Avg 4% CTR
18. CASE STUDY In Social Activation
19. Top Rank Affinities Social Keywords
People into a top baby product and its other affinities
Provides insight for co-marketing, social ad optimization and influence targeting.
20. Activation based on relevance
Top content sources based on social interaction
Consumer activity around most relevant connected brands
Ranked consumers based on activity in a vertical interest(s)
Yields Actionable:

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21. Insights 22. Keywords 23. Connections