So Easy a Child Could Do It: Designing Mobile Apps for Kids

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by Kathryn Rotondo - Young children can seem to “get” touch devices right away. Still, there are important guidelines to follow when designing for little ones, to maximize their engagement and minimize their frustration. Through a tour of apps currently on the market, we'll explore techniques such as using characters, audio and visual indicators, and inactivity timeouts. We'll also cover which gestures are the most and least intuitive for small fingers, how a child's grip of the device affects UI, and what content to include for parents (and for legal reasons) and how.

Text of So Easy a Child Could Do It: Designing Mobile Apps for Kids

  • 1. So Easy a Child Could Do ItDesigning Apps for Little FingersKathryn, ItalyNov. 29, 2014

2. Kids 3. Small 4. Big 5. Studio Proper Clumsy iPad Case 6. Gestures 7. Most IntuitiveGestures 8. Tap 9. Shapes & PuzzlesLarge Hit Area 10. Draw 11. Write My NamePartial Completion 12. Swipe 13. Toca BandSwipe Area 14. Drag 15. Magic StickersVisually Distinct 16. Least IntuitiveGestures 17. PinchZoom 18. ShakeTilt 19. Multi-Touch 20. FlickFling 21. DoubleTap 22. Flow 23. Hello, Super You!GreetingsSuperwhy 24. Look over here!Bobo Explores LightGuides 25. PulsingShapes & PuzzlesIntuitive Goal 26. copy meLEGO DUPLO ZooInstructions 27. blinkyThe Three Little PigsTimeouts 28. smileCasper Scare SchoolCorrections 29. stickersMonkey Preschool LunchboxPraise & Payouts 30. ooh, aah!Toca KitchenFeedback 31. home & replayToca DoctorEnd of Play 32. Text 33. pictorial menuSprinkle JuniorNo Reading 34. standard symbolsPudding Monsters HDButton Icons 35. sync with audioLittle Red Riding HoodHighlighting 36. Zaner BloserPeekaboo Trick or TreatFonts 37. Audio 38. O-O-O-O-OEndless AlphabetSound Effects 39. ambianceInteractive AlphabetBackground 40. turn page or wait?Sid the Science Kid Read & PlayInterruptability 41. For Grown-Ups 42. randomizedToca BuildersBaby Gates 43. Toca BuildersParent Tips 44. badge = trustMoms with Apps Know Whats Inside ProgramBe Transparent 45. Wee You ThingsRegister/Login 46. Resources 47. Sesame 48. Design for Kids 49. Apple Guides 50. Moms with Apps 51. The Kids Want Mobile 52. Dust or Magic 53. Tech with Kids 54. Thanks! Gesture Illustrations by Tomodachi