Smart Meters in Pakistan

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This proposal discusses the benefits of the smart meters and demonstrates how badly Pakistan needs it in order to reduce line losses, electricity theft and in-efficient use of electricity.

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    Business Proposal for introducing Smart Metering Solutions in Pakistan

2. Pakistan is swamped with energy crises and it hasnt been able to meet the energy requirement of the general public for many years.
Current shortage of electricity in Pakistan
More than 5300 MW
The Problem
3. High growth in demand side
Slow or no development work in supply side
High variability in the usage of energy
Electricity theft
Reportedly more than 80 Billion per annum
Major Reasons
4. Recommendation
Pakistan needs to actively engage in looking for means to encourage a more rational use of energy.
An infrastructure to provide detailed information electricity usage to both consumers and suppliers
In demand-side, consumers can adjust the usage behavior to meet the pre-set target
In supply-side, more reliable and secure as the it can better predict the demand and set the prices accordingly.
5. The Solution
Smart Metering: It generally involves the installation of a smart meter at a residential/ industrial customer and the regular reading, processing and feed-back of consumption data to those customers.
A smart meteris a modern, innovative electronic device capable of offering consumers, suppliers, distribution network, operators, generators and regulators a wide-range of useful information, enabling the introduction of new energy services.
6. Smart Meters
AMR ( Automated meter reading)
AMI (Advanced metering infrastructure)
Real time, two way communication
Functions of Smart Meters:
real-time or near-time registration of electricity use
offering the possibility to read the meter both locally and remotely (on demand);
remote limitation of the throughput through the meter (in the extreme case cutting of the electricity to the customer)
ability to read other, on-premise or nearby commodity meters (e.g., gas, water)
7. The Smart Meter
8. Feasibility
Technologically, there are no obstacles for the introduction/ rollout of the smart meters.
The Italian case
More than 30 million smart meters of residential customers
Current projects around the world.
A logical successor of the mechanical electricity meter
Like type-writer and dial-phone are replaced with digital equipment
9. The Benefits
Benefit # 1
It will allow the consumers to manage their electricity consumption more efficiently if given the time-based rates
High degree of variability in the consumption in different seasons
Adjust behavior by consuming less in peak periods and only necessary amount in the off-peak periods
10. Benefit# 2
It will increase the privacy of the consumers and reduce the operational cost of utility by eliminating the on-site visits by the utility to check the meter readings
Smart meters can report the readings in remote areas
Bill can be charged without site visits
Privacy to the customers
Reduction in operational cost
11. Benefit # 3
Smart meters cannot be tampered and provide an accurate and actual consumption overview of their region; hence could easily detect any kind of fraud or theft.
Mechanical meters
Tampered easily
Reversed or slowed down
Smart meters
Cannot be tampered
Provide detailed information, hence making it easier to detect fraud.
12. Benefit # 4
It will reduce per-capita carbon footprint that energy customers around the world are striving towards.
Smart meters measures the carbon emission due to the usage of electricity
Environment-friendly people can make an informed decision about their carbon footprint
A positive measure against global warming
13. Benefit # 5
It will allow the utility provider to better forecast the demand with the real-time detailed information and thus set the prices accordingly
A latitude for power suppliers of Pakistan
Better forecast the energy demand
Charge customized right
14. Benefit # 6
Smart meters enable utility providers to cut-off the energy supply of the defaulters without having madea site-visit.
Power Cut-off of defaulters with out any fuss created by defaulters
15. Benefit # 7
It will allow rapid outage detection and restoration of service
Detection and restoration
Guessing game
Supplier relies on the customer call about how large and where the outage has occurred.
16. Benefit # 8
It will allow the consumers to make informed decisions when provided with detailed and accurate real-time information about their consumption behavior.
Past records of electricity consumption
Notify the consumers through a text message when the energy consumption exceeds the target amount
Allowing the consumers to adjust their consumption behavior accordingly
17. Benefit # 9
It will reduce the need of more and more energy plants to meet the growing energy consumption demand as it will lower the consumption demand of electricity.
Building power plant to meet occasional peak period demand is very expensive.
Allows the consumers to round off the peaks
Increased demand side management
By enabling consumers to modify their behaviors.
18. Labor Reduction
Cost reduction in call center
Billingand Collection
Disconnection of defaulters
Process Improvement
Reduced Energy Theft
Increased billing accuracy
Tighter billing and collection
Infrastructure Improvement
More Accurate digital meter
Reduce future replacement budget
Additional Benefits
19. Current Projects
20. Current Project: Contd
21. Events
22. The energy sector of Pakistan is in no position to incur losses at this troubled stage.
More than 80 billion rupees loss per annum
More than 400 consumers, in Karachi alone, dont pay their electricity bill
Most Outages occur due to overloads caused by local pilfering of the systems. TahirBasharatCheema (Managing director PEPCO)
The Need of Smart Metering Pakistan
23. With smart meters
Electricity theft from 10% to 3 % saving more than 30 billion rupees per annum.
Mr. SaleemAkhtar(CEO of LESCO)
Success of some pilot projects in Shadbagh , Shadmaanand Dehli Gate
Shahbagh & Shadmaan11% 2.9 %
Dehli Gate 13.2%4.4%
The Need of Smart Metering Pakistan: Contd
24. Our Products
25. Conclusion
26. References
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