Smart Entry - The Advanced Visitor Management Solution

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About Us

We are a global company that engineers, manufactures smart devices and intelligent solutions all aimed to simplify the way people live and do business.

Directed towards the Internet of Things and building on our capability to deliver machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies, we help clients and partners achieve growth though technological convergences

In Our Office Reception

We want organization to let a professional impressionWe want to prevent corporate threatsWe want it to be a portal for communications.We want to properly receive visitors, deliveries and documents.

Entry Point SecurityEmploy higher security capabilities at your entry points via a range of biometrics and authentication protocols such as fingerprint scanning, face recognition, RFID, and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

IP Phone ExchangeWith built-in Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) server, Smart Entry enables connection between multiple devices. It allows administrators, employees and visitors to communicate with each other using their respective auto-provisioned device.Visitor ManagementEasy online or onsite self-registration for visitors. Implement fluid lobby traffic administration, attendance monitoring and personnel verification before entry.

Entry Point SecuritySmart Authentication ProtocolsSmart Entry uses a variety of biometric and security measures for identification, authentication, and accessibility purposes


Entry Point SecurityPush NotificationSmart Entry will proactively secure your office and let you know whatever happens through Push Notifications to your Smart Entry App

Email NotificationDoorTalk will send you email notifications of any incidents detected even after office hours. You can review these incidents on the following work day.


Entry Point Security

Security System IntegrationHave full control over your existing security systems by integrating Smart Entry with your electronic locks, alarms, detectors, etc.

Motion DetectionWhen movement is detected within the specified area, the sensors activate the camera, captures the event, and trigger instant alerts on smart device.


Visitor ManagementVisitor ManagementImplement fluid lobby traffic administration, attendance monitoring and personnel verification before entry.

Easy Self-Registration Execute easy user registration and information updates either on-device or via web-based data listing.

Profile ManagementSmart Entry is capable of storing user profiles for visitors and employees. This will track all time of entry and people visited.

Data ReportingSmart Entry is an HR tool that can generate reports for employee time in and time out. This will cut HR labor hours when generating payroll.


Video CallingSmart Entry allows you to video call with your visitor before granting access

Registered Devices can make video calls with each other without subscription charges

The built-in SIP Server allows five (5) simultaneous video calls between registered devices.

Video Call RecordingSmart Entry can record video calls in MP4 format allowing you to review conversations with loved ones at a later time.

The recording can be saved in its internal memory of 8GB. You may also make use of its external memory by adding a MicroSD of up to 32GB.

IP Phone Exchange

Voice CallsRegistered Devices can make voice calls with each other without subscription charges., reducing new company phone issuance.

The built-in SIP Server allows fifteen (15) simultaneous voice calls between registered devices. Smart Entry tracks all calls made in a call log for review purposes.

Voice Conference CallingMake team decisions faster through Voice Conference Calls.

VoicemailsNever let your employees miss out on a task by sending voicemails through Smart Entry

IP Phone Exchange

Call Receiving PriorityYou can set which registered device can receive video calls from the activation button first.

You can set an administrator to be responsible for receiving people in the office. When the administor is unavaiable, the call transfers to another registered device.

Group CallingSmart Entry allows group calling where a call is directed to a group of people.

Whoever is available to pick up the call can answer and all calls to other registered device automatically stops. (ie. Customer Service)

IP Phone Exchange

Quick Start Guide (Auto Provision)Register the DeviceTurn on your Smart Entry (Device).Using your browser, Go to SIP Support PageEnter the Smart Entrys Unique ID

Download the ApplicationDownload Supporting Application on your Smart PhoneEnter the Smart Entrys Unique IDYour App will connect to Smart Entry (Device)

Set-up your NetworkUsing the app, select Smart WiFiUsing the app, Select ServerWait for the test call for successful configuration

Ease of Use


Innovative technology towards smarter solutions

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