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  • 1.AUDIENCE PREPARATION Download and set up account forFoursquare (iPhone/Android) Download and set up Yelp(iPhone/Android) Follow along #SM4geolocation Have your Apps ready!

2. O NTI CALOdia O eE cial m 4 G soS Mn based# ocatioL 3. GEO-LOCATION WHAT IS IT? 4. REAL-WORLD GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION OF AN OBJECT Computers Tablets Other data connected devices 5. GEO-LOCATION, HOW DOES IT WORK? 6. WHAT RELIES ON GEO-LOCATION? 7. WHAT RELIES ON GEO-LOCATION? 8. APPS 9. APPSFoursquare SCVNGR Free for businesses Subscription fee for businesses Tips and To-dos Scavenger type game Badges Mayorships Points Special deals 10. FOURSQUARE VS. SCVNGRI always think of SCVNGR in more of the payments / couponing space.While foursquare does have deals and specials most of what weredoing revolves around helping people discover & share the places theylike most with their friends. 11. FOURSQUARE 12. FOURSQUARE CHECK-IN 13. FOURSQUARE - DEMO 14. FOURSQUARE - FEATURES 15. FOURSQUARE MERCHANT PLATFORM 16. SCVNGR 17. SCVNGR - DEMO 18. SCVNGR - FEATURES 19. SCVNGR FOR BUSINESSES 20. OTHER SOCIAL NETWORKS & GEO-LOCATION 21. OTHER SOCIAL NETWORKS & GEO-LOCATION Facebook - Twitter - Google+ - Yelp Find Places LocationLocation localbusinesses Places Add location Add Locate Check-in to tweetslocation nearby bars Addandlocation restaurants Pages Proximity geo- location 22. FACEBOOK & GEO-LOCATION 23. TWITTER & GEO-LOCATION 24. GOOGLE+ & GEO-LOCATION 25. YELP & GEO-LOCATION 26. WHATS NEXT? Automatic Check-ins RFID (Radio Frequency Identification NFC (Near Field Communication) Augmented Reality 27. YELP AUGMENTED REALITY 28. WHATS NEXT ONE POSSIBLE FUTURE FROMGOOGLE 29. SOCIAL REACH AND INFLUENCE