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1. Lizzette Jaimes Puente
#11- 9A
Slide Chare
User Manual

  • Go To 2. Select the tag Upload. It is located on top of the page. 3. Click on the orange button that says: Browse and select files 4. Select the file that you want to upload. Then click Open. 5. Wait until the file finishes uploading. 6. In the next window click in the button Publish. 7. A yellow rectangle will appear, select the blue link that says here. 8. In the next window double click inside the icon of your file. 9. Copy the Embed code as a new post in your blog. 10. Register with your g-mail in 11. When you enter your blog select the option new post and select the tag Edit Html and in the posting area paste the code. 12. Type a title to your post. 13. Click in the button Save Now and then in the button Publish Post.


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