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Exploring the possible solutions to promote collaboration over multiple DevOps teams in an Enterprise environment.

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  • 1. Simple Solutions should be your Strategy Making DevOps work in an Enterprise environmentIgnite talkBy Jan-Joost Bouwman

2. Jan-Joost BouwmanTwitter: @janjoostbouwman e-mail: Jan-Joost.Bouwman@ing.nlBackground in:OperationsProcess management (change management)Internal DevOps and CD evangelist since 2 yearsTrying to successfully marry ITIL and DevOpsContributor to Build Quality InCurrent position within ING:Process owner Service Operations & Service Transition (and only person that knows what that is)ING DevOps community managerInterests: Birdwatching, travel 3. Introducing Scrum as development method 4. The Agile Manifesto:We are uncovering better ways of developingsoftware by doing it and helping others do it.Through this work we have come to value:Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Working software over comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Responding to change over following a planThat is, while there is value in the items on the right,we value the items on the left more. 5. Dev needs Ops needs Dev = DevOps 6. You know the drill!Destroy all Silos! (or sulos in this case)Just make sure the business is safe when you do soAnd dont do it on garbage collection dayDEVOPSQA 7. DevOps teamsScrum:focus on team effectivenessRetrospective inwardsIn effect: Creating miniature containers 8. However 9. We dont need small containersWe need small containers that can operate in a value stream Cooperation over DevOps teamsIndividuals and interactionsoverprocesses and toolsIn reality not so simple! 10. Option 1: SAFeScaled Agile Frame work 11. SAFe: pros and consPro:Helps to deliver large projects by Agile teamsUseful for portfolio managementHelps the business to stay in charge of spendingCon:Takes away responsibility and decision making at the team level (un-agile)waterfall-scrum bco planning too many sprintsDoes nothing for incident resolving over teams 12. Option 2: Super Product OwnersOne Product Owner to rule all (related) backlogs 13. Super Product OwnersPro: clear who is responsible for priorities also for incidentsCon: may be too much for 1 personCon: reduces the role of other POs 14. Option 3: Scrum of ScrumsAlternative of option 2, but without real decision makingStill difficult to get your items on other teams backlogs with the right priorityDoesnt help for incident resolving 15. Scrum of Scrums: chain monitoringAn example how we used Scrum of Scrums for an improvement on chain monitoringValue chain SavingsComplex incidents, lot of blamingNo time to implement new toolsSimply use what you havePut the right people in the same room(by force if you have to) 16. Example chain monitoring (Savings)MobileMINGPProfileIncident: no log on to MINGP and MINGZVisible by page view dip (left)Often backoffice (Profile) issue. But still some trafic there (bottom left)Mobile shows normal trafic (bottom right)Conclusion: problem is in MING domain.Closer investigation led to faulty change which was retracted 17. Scrum of Scrums chain monitoringRevolutionary? Maybe not but No blame gameQuick exclusion of search areasLimited investment of time of all involved teamsNo new tools neededSo maybe just a little bit revolutionary 18. Your solutions?These are just 3 solutions we useThere must be 1000s morePlease come and discuss them in an Open Space! 19. To sum things upDevOps in an Enterprise environment:DevOps teams need to cooperateIndividuals and interactions over processes and toolsSAFeSuper Product OwnerScrum of ScrumsOther? 20. Build quality inMore stories on DevOps and Continuous Delivery !(non of which included the previous slides)Remember your discount code until November 10th