SharePoint Mobile App Development with Xmarin

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  1. 1. By Hector Luciano Jr
  2. 2. Introduction About BlumShapiro Quick Update on Cross Platform Mobile Dev Landscape Intro into Xamarin Demo C# IPhone App SharePoint/Office 365 Demo Shared UI Code Questions
  3. 3. SharePoint Developer Mobile App Developer Certifications MCSD Web Applications MCPD SharePoint Development, MSCE and Mobile (In Progress) Hobbies Cross Fit Chess Player Contact @hluciano Demo Github ervice.demo
  4. 4. The largest regional, accounting, tax and business consulting firm based in New England Established in 1980 as a small accounting firm in West Hartford 350 professionals in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island Vision to be the dominant professional services firm based in New England Organic growth with a large emphasis on consulting Strategic acquisition of firms sharing our values Best Place to Work Commitment to Community, diversity and stewardship With this strategy and geographic focus we are able to attract outstanding talent with shared values. 4
  5. 5. Representative Clients 6
  6. 6. Telerik Platform Pure HTML5 Hybrid Apps for iOS Android Windows Phone 8 Multi-Device Hybrid Apps Integration into Visual Studio Build Apps for iOS Android Windows(Some Devices)
  7. 7. Tools Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2013 SharePoint Designer Programing Languages Asp.Net (C#) C# JavaScript
  8. 8. Demo
  9. 9. Xamarin forVisual Studio Xamarin Studio (Mac and,PC) Component Store Xamarin Form
  11. 11. ToolBox Properties
  12. 12. Xamarin iOS Project Structure Storyboard File Controller App Delegate
  13. 13. Demo
  14. 14. Model View Controller Pattern Model: POCO, DTO, object hold application data. View: Visual presentation of the model. Controller: mediator between model and view. iOS MVC Classes UIViewController: the controller access to the Model/Models UIView: the view gets display to the user DataSource: collection of Models or Model ViewModel Controller
  15. 15. 40+ Pages, Layouts, and Controls Build from code behind or XAML Two-way Data Binding Navigation Animation API Dependency Service Messaging Center
  16. 16. Async for .Net Framework Microsoft BCL Portability Pack 1.1.9
  17. 17. Check out: Battery Status: Get battery level, how it is getting charge, and events. Connectivity: See if device is connected to the internet and through what connection type. Contacts: Currently in Alpha Device Information: Base information about each device such as OS and version. Extended Maps: Launch navigation directions in default map app on each OS Geolocator: Currently in Alpha Media: Take or pick photos/videos Settings: Fully cross platform settings for your application. Text To Speech: Turn your text into a vocal symphony on mobile devices. Vibrate: Make that device rumble!
  18. 18. Determine your app capabilities Mail Calendar Contacts Files Sites Determine Resource Id and Endpoint Uri of Office 365 Service API.
  19. 19. What is Model View ViewModel ViewModel: describes integration with View via properties, commands and observable objects View: User interface, XAML markup or Code Model: refers to entities, objects, data sources. Benefits Loosely coupled architecture Testable code. Requirement Observable Collection Command Pattern Binding ViewModel View Model
  20. 20. Stack Absolute Relative Grid ContentView ScrollView Frame
  21. 21. Content MasterDetail Navigation Tabbed Carousel
  22. 22. ActivityIndicator BoxView Button DatePicker Editor Entry Image Label ListView Map OpenGLView Picker ProgressBar SearchBar Slider Stepper TableView TimePicker WebView EntryCell ImageCell SwitchCell TextCell ViewCell
  23. 23. Demo
  24. 24. Xamarin Your Complete Mobile Solution DESIGN DEVELOP - INTEGRATE TEST MONITOR LEARN
  25. 25. Integrated with your App Real-time Monitoring See crashes and issues in on spot Captures Usages Others
  26. 26. MacBook Pro CPU: 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory: 16GB Installed Software Maverick OS X 10.9.4 Xamarin Studio 5.2(Build 386) Parallel Desktop Dell Latitude CPU: 2.70 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory: 8GB Installed Software Windows 7 PS1 Visual Studio 2013 Xamarin Studio 5.2(Build 386)
  27. 27. Compilation to Native machine code App Certificates Code-Signing App Deployment
  28. 28. Wi-Fi (Static IP) Accessing SharePoint via Wi-Fi Ethernet (Static IP) Development Network Setup AccessingXamarin Host
  29. 29. SharePoint on Android Wear, Glass? SharePoint on Amazon Fire? SharePoint on Yosemite? Other?
  30. 30. The End