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  • 1. Getting the Best out of SharePointA SSYST is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a leading Microsoft Strategic Partnership SharePoint services provider. ASSYST has been implementing SharePoint solutions across various domain verticals since 2004. Our end-to-end servicesfrom consultation to Implementation and post implementation support, includes upgrading and infrastructure support for SharePoint implementations. Our SharePointsolutions have been rolled out to several sectors including Federal, State and Localagencies, legal, insurance and finance, non-profit and healthcare. We have been in theforefront of rolling out and upgrading new versions of SharePoint and have a dedicatedteam that has implemented SharePoint 2010 solutions for our clients.SharePoint 2010Making people more productive is a direct result of enabling them to access resources !Salient Featuresand knowledge regardless of where they are and what device they have access, while ! Better support for Internet facing sitesproviding them with a user experience that increases usability and adoption. Our ! More security features and greaterSharePoint team leverages the features available within SharePoint 2010 providing all flexibility in managing permissionsof this through cross-device and cross-browser read/write access, seamless integrationwith Microsoft Office, and an exceptional user experience around accessing, editing, and ! Easy to use templatespublishing Microsoft SharePoint sites, whether inside or outside the firewall. ! SharePoint Workspace Manager ! Improved InfoPath form capabilitiesBy providing a common platform for business collaboration solutions and solutions for ! Improved search experience throughintranet, extranet, and internet presence, SharePoint 2010 substantially reduces IT FASTinfrastructure costs. It allows non technical people to create websites and customize its ! More workflow typesfeatures without support from developers. The Ribbon feature in SharePoint 2010facilitates easy addition, modification, and interaction with content by displaying various ! Native support for Mozilla Firefox 3.0options upfront instead of hiding them in menus. It has a multi-lingual user interface and Operaallowing users to interact with the platform in the language of their choice once that ! Easy migration from SPS2003 andlanguage pack has been installed. MOSS 200701
  • 2. ASSYSTs dedicated team of experts can customizeSharePoint Enterprise Search to meetspecific requirements of a given enterprise.ASSYSTs SharePoint Practice Domains ! Banking, Finance & InsuranceASSYST has several successful SharePoint implementations across various business ! Advocacy & Legalverticals. ASSYST has been as an early adopter of SharePoint and our teams and solutionsoffering have grown with the product. ASSYST is committed to R&D around the ! HealthcareSharePoint product line for the benefit of our customers. ASSYST enhances user ! Hospitalityexperience with simple, familiar, and consistent user interfaces, simplifies organization- ! Retailwide access to both structured and unstructured information, and enables people to make ! Telecommunicationbetter-informed decisions by providing easy access to business critical information. We ! Governmentunderstand the true value of SharePoint and what a forward looking enterprise can do ! Non-Profitwith it. We can help you achieve tangible business benefits from your SharePointimplementation.Here are some of the things we can do for you with SharePoint:! SharePoint Consulting: Our consulting services engage the customer through a Customized Solutions Proof-of-Concept (PoC) based approach, thereby reducing the risks and bringing ! Enterprise Search more predictability into the entire process. Our practice leverages ASSYSTs ! Design extensive portal experience including several successful SharePoint rollouts across ! Portal and Social Media geographies for various global organizations. ! Collaboration! Collaboration: We can enhance your organizations efficiency by providing a platform for sharing information and working together in teams, communities and with people-driven processes.! SharePoint Workflow Integration: Our workflow designs can help you automate Business Intelligence your business process in a better way and thus increase enterprise productivity. ! KPIs! Migration from WSS to MOSS to SharePoint 2010: We can help you migrate to ! Reports Center newer versions of SharePoint including content databases, calendar events, lists, ! Excel Services document libraries and other attributes. ! External Data integration02
  • 3. ASSYST leverages the Business Intelligencecapabilities of SharePoint to provide access toinformation and enable informed decision making. ! Enterprise Search: We have a dedicated team of experts who can customize Integrate SharePoint with: SharePoint Enterprise Search to meet the specific requirements of a given enterprise. ! Google Search ! Custom WebParts: We have expertise in developing custom webparts which will ! ERP help in providing custom functionalities to SharePoint. ! Third Party BI The diagram below shows ASSYSTs SharePoint services offering: ! Silverlight ! COTS Applications and SaaS ! Office Communications Server ASSYST SharePoint Services ! Mobile and Smartphone Applications Consulting Architecture Development Maintenance Support Plan SharePoint Infrastructure Deploy Microsoft Monitoring Enhancements adoption Planning Office Server LoB Solutions Preventive Patch releases Map business Define Security Develop intranet analysis HR Self Service Intranet Portal goals to Model & SSO & extranet portals SLA based SharePoint Application Support Knowledge Management Portal Define site Integrate with Governance CRM Collaboration for Non Profit Plan deployment taxonomy & UI enterprise procedure standards applications Disaster Sector Organizations recovery & back Plan optimal Create Test & deploy up Reviewer Life Cycle Management licensing application framework Create user System Portal documentation Project and Program Management Governance Environment deployment Office Automation Microsoft Certified Resources * Proven Methodologies * Portfolio of Reusable Assets Insurance Agency Collaboration Management Systems Supplier On-boarding PortalASSYSTS SharePoint 2010 Solution Offerings: Case Management System! Base SharePoint 2010 Modeling and Architectural Implementation Public-facing Content Management! SharePoint 2010 Solutions for the Web and Intranet System! Business Integration with Enterprise Systems and ERP applications Community and Social systems! Collaboration and Social Computing Implementation Call Center Dashboard! Enterprise Search and Content Management Departmental Dashboard! Implement SharePoint 2010 for Line-of-Business ( LoB) Solutions Multi Calendar Collaboration03
  • 4. ASSYST leverages Content Management featureswithin SharePoint to make it easy for an organizationto access and manage information.Success Stories Testimonials:Leading National Non Profit Association - Calendar CollaborationA membership organization of grants providers needed to build an Enterprise " A word of appreciation to ASSYSTCalendaring environment that would connect people to business critical events. The for the speed and efficiency withobjective of the project was to set up a Calendar Collaboration facility that would provide which they were able to build a CRMthe functions and features for creating private or public events, and for sharing and collaboration portal for us using thesynchronizing events from multiple calendars. The scope of the project included creation SharePoint platform of an Internal Collaboration Calendar, a Funding Network Calendar and a Major MeetingCalendar to serve specific purposes. Capability to share events across all the threecalendars was an important aspect of the project. Director - Information Technology A Leading National Non Profit AssociationASSYST used the workflows of Microsoft Office SharePoint Services (MOSS) to createthe Enterprise Calendaring environment, and used External Event Handlers to populateevents in multiple calendars. Using platform independent API integration, theapplication was made to pull data from the SharePoint database and display the same onthe calendars. Apart from highlighting various planned events, the calendars alsoprovided detailed information regarding sponsoring organizations and contact details ofkey personnel. A structured approval mechanism was incorporated for posting events onthe calendar. The facility for sending automated e-mail notifications was added.Leading US Law Firm - Workforce Collaboration PortalASSYST supported a leading law firm in develop an Attorney Collaboration Suite (ACS) "We consider ASSYST as an integralby using Microsoft SharePoint 2007, SQL Server 2005 and ASP.NET. The system allows member of our applicationstaff within the law firms to share documents, calendar events and other information such development team. Our project needsas announcements, document templates etc. with clients. The suite is a secure and user- range from customized SharePointfriendly workforce collaboration application that allows law firms to have a common web-parts to full service SQL basedplatform to share information with its clients. applications with extranet user accessACS provides a top-level portal site and separate sub-sites for each client enabling the capabilities, and ASSYST continues tofirm and the clients to have sites containing a range of content such as documents, meet our goals and objectives."templates, calendar, tasks and announcements that need to be shared. Key componentsinclude security audits of client sites and audit reports showing activity details of users. Project ManagerThe application is currently being revamped on a test basis to work on SharePoint 2010. A Leading Law firmThe objective is to utilize the new features that SharePoint 2010 provides to build acentralized secure and consistently accessible portal.04
  • 5. About ASSYST...