Share Point Integration for Lotus Notes

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  • 1.
      • Achieve Your Collaboration ObjectivesWhile Managing Expenses:
    • SharePoint & Lotus Notes Coexistence

2. Who Is Mainsoft? Founded:1993 Business:Leader in Microsoft-Java EE interoperability Vision:Coexistence between Microsoft & IBM platforms Clients:150+ banking, education, insurance, manufacturing, retail, software development, and government Product Validations:Awards: Recommendedoption for .NET-Java Interoperability 3. Top 5 Technologies for Weathering the Economic Storm Recommendation : Invest in collaboration/social softwaresooner rather than later .

  • Multicore systems
  • Virtualization computing
  • Collaboration/Social Software
  • Cloud computing
  • Enterprise mashups

4. 2009:Why Invest in Collaboration? Increase efficiencies, improve business performance

  • Drive improvements in business performance using team workspaces to collaborate and share best practices.
  • Meet enterprise compliance requirements , without imposing on knowledge workers day-to-day work.
    • Reduce cost structure : Facilitate remote communications and reduce travel costs.

5. The SharePoint Tidal Wave

  • Many workgroups use
  • SharePoint forteam
  • collaboration anddocument
  • sharing .
    • The backend to Microsoft Office , SharePoint is tightly integrated with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
    • Itssimple to deploy ,easy to use , and free with Windows Server 2003 or 2007.

6. However. Lotus Notes and Domino customers that adopt SharePoint struggle to meet collaboration objectives.

    • Lack of integration with Lotus Notesslows SharePoint adoption
      • Accessing SharePoint documents is a multi-step process.
    • Emails and documentsrelated to business decisions arelocked up in personal mailboxes.
      • Its not possible to publish Lotus Notes emails and associated document attachments on SharePoint.
    • These should be simple, 1-step processes.

7. IT Options:Notes to Outlook/Exchange Migration

    • Expensive:
      • According to Ferris Research a typical email migration from Notes to Outlook for12,500 users costs $3.5M .
      • Migrating Domino applications costat least twice as muchas email.
      • Migration costs :software licensing, application conversion, storage & backup, hardware, migration tools, contractors, and training costs.
    • Questionable ROI:
    • - TCO for Domino and Exchange are identical:$1,800 per year, per email box
    • Increased vendor lock-in.

8. IT Options: SharePoint-Notes Coexistence

  • Get more valueout of your existing SharePoint and Lotus investments.
  • Equip business users withintegrated collaboration and messaging toolsto supportteam communication and coordination.
  • Promote the adoption of collaboration tools, at 1/10 ththe cost of anexpensive migration.

9. The Extent of the Problem

  • In a survey conducted by Lotus User Group,79%said SharePoint content integration with Lotus Notes is ahigh priority, very important ,orimportant .
  • ,June 2008

10. SharePoint Integration into IBM Products

  • SharePoint Integrator for Lotus Notes
    • SharePoint-Lotus Notes coexistence.
  • SharePoint Integrator for Lotus Sametime
    • StartSametime chatfrom a document stored on SharePoint.
    • Drag-and-drop SharePoint documents on Sametime IM client .
  • SharePoint Integrator for WebSphere Portal
    • Secure, role-based accessto all SharePoint lists from WebSphere Portal.
    • Composite applicationsthat integrate SharePoint content with LOB applications both .NET and Java.
  • Document Collaboration for Rational Jazz (Q1 2009)
    • IntroducesSharePoint-based document collaboration to the Jazz process.
    • Enhancesend-to-end governance by automating feedback and approvals using Office document workflows.
    • Allowsbusiness stakeholderstoimpact software delivery using day-to-day collaboration tools.

11. Strategic Coexistence:Mainsoft SharePoint Integratorfor Lotus Notes

  • Client-side plug-inthat providestwo-way accessto SharePoint document libraries from a Lotus Notes sidebar.

12. Strategic Coexistence:Mainsoft SharePoint Integratorfor Notes 6.5.x, 7.x

  • Standalone application
  • docks to the Notes window.

13. Strategic Coexistence:Built on Solid Foundations

  • Built onEclipse RCP plug-in architecture; leverages Notes extension points, and
  • SharePoint SOAP Web services
    • Well documented and stable interfaces.
    • Same interfaces used by MS Office applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook.
  • Delivers asustainable strategy .

14. Boost Collaboration, SharePoint Adoption

  • Make it easy for Notes users to access,
  • modify, publish information on SharePoint
  • Access SharePoint document libraries
  • within the context of a Lotus-based work
  • environment (email, Sametime IM, etc.)
  • Use Sametimepresence awareness to
  • identify, initiate a chat with document
  • authors and editors.
  • Save Notes emails and attachments on
  • SharePoint . Share correspondence andcontent relevant to a business issue,without clogging team members email boxes.

15. Demo:Mainsoft SharePoint Integratorfor Lotus Notes v 1.5 16. Compliance Made Easy Sharing Notes Emails, Documents on SharePoint 17. Enterprise MashupsPreview Support for Lotus Notes 8.5

  • Integratedata and business logicfrom SharePoint, Notes, Domino, and Java apps.

Notes contactsDomino Application Customers documents accessible from the SharePoint sidebarEclipse component 18. Calendar Integration Preview Support for Lotus Notes 8.5

  • SharePoint team appointmentsare displayed as an overlay on the Notes calendar and can be edited from Notes.
  • Users get anaggregated view of eventsfrom multiple calendars, increasing team collaboration and productivity

19. Champion Solutions Group

  • Technology solutions provider and Notes/Domino customer isimplementing MOSSto deliver a Web-based document management, team sites, and integration with back-end Microsoft SQL-based applications.
  • Champion selectedMainsoft SharePoint Integratorto integrate SharePoint with Lotus Notes and Sametime.
  • We already have a unified communications infrastructure in place thats fully integrated with our business processes, and wedont seea compelling reason to migrateto a Microsoft Outlook and Office in order to unify our messaging and collaboration platforms.
  • Mainsoft offers thepractical integration pathwe need tosupport our end users preferred platforms whilepreserving our existing IT investments .
  • - Bill Phelps, CTO


  • Northeastern University offers Lotus Notes 6.x, 7.x and 8.x to its2,500 faculty and staff .
  • They also offerSharePoint as a shared servicefor department-level collaboration.Today, 200 people use SharePoint.They anticipate eventually, 500-1,000 will use it regularly.
  • Topromote SharePoint adoption , NEU considered a migration to Outlook and Exchange, which offer direct access to SharePoint.
  • Instead, the University purchasedMainsoft SharePoint Integratorto integrate their existing messaging and collaboration platforms.
  • NEU plansupgrade to Notes 8.5and incorporate additional Notes-SharePoint integration features.


    • Achieve Your Collaboration ObjectivesWhile Managing Expenses:
    • SharePoint & Lotus Notes Coexistence


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