Share point in the cloud and best practices

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<p>SharePoint in the Cloud and best practices</p> <p>WebinarSHAREPOINT BEST PRACTICEAND THE CLOUD</p> <p></p> <p>Twitter: @appperf</p> <p>Successful SharePoint delivered fast1SharePoint in the Cloud and best practicesBuilding Intranets and applications in Office 365 benefits, challenges and potential pitfalls.</p> <p>Simon HudsonDirector, Cloud2 Ltd</p> <p>See the webinar on YouTube:</p> <p>Successful SharePoint delivered fastSuccessful SharePoint delivered fast30 mins presentation timeQuestions at the endSlides will be availableI'm not here to do a selling job on you2Why: the old ways</p> <p>Go to the office</p> <p>Successful SharePoint delivered fastThe question is, what is wrong with the old ways of working?The answer we dont live in the old world. The world of today has changed from the go to the office, use a few applications with files from email and file servers, meet some colleagues, make some calls, go homeIf you are still doing just that then you are one of the few and your days are numbered.3Why: Mobile staff</p> <p>The old wayNeedssecure token such as RASRemote servers such as CitrixMore passwords to rememberSlowOften expensive</p> <p>Successful SharePoint delivered fastIn todays world staff are far more mobile, but are expected to work effectively wherever they are.Train, caf, bus stop, living room, client site these are the new workplace.Many people spend more time away from their desk than at it; technology allows this Out Of Office time to be as productive as the desk days.In fact people dont have to be forced to return to their office periodically to complete their work.4Why: Better IT at home than officeVS</p> <p>Successful SharePoint delivered fastOver the last few years the rapid consummerisation of IT has led to personal technology leading corporate IT. Users generally dont understand the different drivers in corporate IT supportability, reliability, cost effectiveness, security, compliance and governance. And they dont care they just want their stuff to work.Frustratingly they often dont want to learn new skills at work, where they happily learn and adopt at home.However adoption of cloud technologies can enable organisations to address these various issues.5Why: Benefits of the cloud</p> <p>Successful SharePoint delivered fast6Watchouts and considerationsSuccessful SharePoint delivered fastIs it safe?</p> <p>Successful SharePoint delivered fastOrganisations are wise to do appropriate diligence and research on the security capabilities of cloud offerings. However cloud services have matured over the last 5 years and the Microsoft ones are considered to be particularly strong. There are few reasons to reject cloud solutions out of hand on the basis of security; many financial institutions, multinationals and other organisations with commercially or legally sensitive information are committing their content to the cloud, with appropriate safeguards (which can include tools such as AvePoint's compliance Guardian which can monitor what is being uploaded). In reality most organisations employee local security and network security that is, at best, no better than cloud solutions. As ever the single greatest threat is the action of staff, and this needs to be addressed equally strongly regardless of the location of the application.</p> <p>8Security mythsHow secure is the Microsoft infrastructure?The physical storage devices are housed in shipping units with cables and water pipes for cooling running into and out of them. These units are almost never opened. Personnel at the facilities are tracked with RFID, and restricted to authorized parts of the building with biometric controls. Data is backed up in separate parts of the storage units. And if the whole facility goes down, there are still more layers of redundancy in datacenters located in far-off regions of the US and beyond.Standard cloud security measures include:At-rest and in-transit encryption (ISO 27001 grade)Remote wipe capabilities (in case device is lost or stolen)Two-factor authentication (sends you a text with a passcode after you put in your password) SharePoint delivered fastRisks</p> <p>Successful SharePoint delivered fastPotential pitfallsSuccessful SharePoint delivered fastAccounts synchronisationLeavers no physical barrier</p> <p>11Changing your organisation name</p> <p>Successful SharePoint delivered fastBest practiceAnd top tips for Office 365Successful SharePoint delivered fastPlanning, Planning and more planningSuccessful SharePoint delivered fastVanity NamesSimon.Hudson@tenant.onmicrosoft.comChange to; My Site etc. reflects first UPN, so get vanity names right firstSuccessful SharePoint delivered fastOther considerationsSuccessful SharePoint delivered fastSearch CentreSuccessful SharePoint delivered fastContent QuerySuccessful SharePoint delivered fastPublishing FeaturesSuccessful SharePoint delivered fastTest and development?Successful SharePoint delivered fastLarge LibrariesSuccessful SharePoint delivered fastSite AdminSuccessful SharePoint delivered fastFast AdoptionSuccessful SharePoint delivered fastTerm StoreSuccessful SharePoint delivered fastInfoPath for eFormsSuccessful SharePoint delivered fastIntranets in the cloudAnd especially Office 365Successful SharePoint delivered fastFeatures and usesSuccessful SharePoint delivered fastThese are things we commonly see being used in SharePoint, or SharePoint being used for.Intranets remain badly defined and generally badly delivered.The best intranets are those which are considered to be a broad business solution and platform and not the pet project of a particular department27Successful SharePoint delivered fastSo what is a intranet?28What is an intranet /is it just about SharePoint?Collaboration IntranetEnterprise Social NetworkDocument Management CentreBusiness Process solutionComms. Intranet Enterprise IntranetSuccessful SharePoint delivered fastThe SharePoint is a critical part of this.Interestingly, over the last 2 years, the browser interface the SharePoint has moved a little into the background with more more of the solution being used directly from other applications. We see this trend continuing as more micro-processes are delivered through apps with SharePoint etc. on the backend.</p> <p>It's important to keep your technologies aligned and integrated</p> <p>29More things comingSuccessful SharePoint delivered fastBest PracticeNever send documents internallyDont use Check in/OutMulti-authoringVersion ControlApprovalReplace documents with OneNoteStop emailing people LyncAlertsYammerDiscussionsReplace File Shares completelyMigrateUse Personal Sites/OneDriveTake content offlineGo PaperlessSmart document templatesSave to SharePoint MeetingsMobileOwnershipStrategy</p> <p>Successful SharePoint delivered fastMore MythsSuccessful SharePoint delivered fastThe Reality GapUnderstanding who wants whatSuccessful SharePoint delivered fastTop things a company wantsUsersSuccessful SharePoint delivered fastTop things the users wantSuccessful SharePoint delivered fastTop things actually used on an intranet Successful SharePoint delivered fastThings you really need (but didnt think to pay for)Successful SharePoint delivered fastGovernance modelIntranet steering board</p> <p>37The needs onionSuccessful SharePoint delivered fastSome takeawaysSuccessful SharePoint delivered fastRisks A reminderUser perceptionWhat do users do now?What are their expectations?What is the current performance?</p> <p>Ensure your baseline is understood- What is the benchmark for performanceSuccessful SharePoint delivered fastConfusion- licensing is complex, concepts are challenging, misinformation is rifeBusiness change- technically mature but commercially naiveSecurity- there are still risksThe Future- is unpredictable except for the certainty of changePerformance- people are resistant to change and love a scapegoat; have your answers ready before they ask </p> <p>AP are experts in the last point and will be talking about that following my session40Thank you for listeningand nowSuccessful SharePoint delivered fast</p>