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  • 1. SharePoint Best PracticesReadiDepth Jeremy Thake Senior Consultant, ReadifyDiscover, Master, Influence1

2. Agenda Painting a picture Team development Deployment Tools Celebrity Deathmatch 3. SharePoint Best Practices - ReadiDepthPAINTING A PICTURE 4. DevelopmentDEV INTEGRATION UAT PRODUCTION 5. Content and artifacts Artifacts Master Pages, Page Layouts, Style Sheets, Images, Web Parts, Content Types, List Templates, Event Receivers, Workflows, InfoPath Forms, Site Columns, Custom Fields Content List Item Instances Pages, Documents, Tasks Site Instances Team Sites, Document Workspaces 6. Synchronising Environments Hard to do two way syncs Storage 12 Hive Content Databases Web Application Web.Configs Web Applications, Site Collections, Sites, Lists object properties Assemblies (GAC, Web Application bin directories) Components ASP.NET 3.5 7. More than one way to skin a cat Web User Interface SharePoint Designer Custom scripts Solution Development 8. SharePoint Best Practices - ReadiDepthTEAM DEVELOPMENT 9. Environments Need SharePoint running on development environment Visual Studio 2008 / SQL 2005 10. Source Control Team Foundation Server Shared Check outs Labelling Branching 11. Code Analysis Disposing of SPWeb Iterating through object collections 12. Code Manageability Structure 13. Visual Studio Team Edition Load Testing Tools 14. SharePoint Best Practices - ReadiDepthDEPLOYMENT 15. Automated Build Scripts Powershell 16. Continuous Integration 17. Traps Avoid Moving artifacts and content to environments using: Backup/Restore SharePoint Designer Export/Import 18. SharePoint Development Best Practices - ReadiDepthTOOLS 19. Content Deployment Wizard 20. SharePoint Development Best Practices - ReadiDepthDEMONSTRATION Content Deployment Wizard to move content into Dev Environment 21. STSDEV 22. SharePoint Development Best Practices - ReadiDepthDEMONSTRATION STSDEV to create workflow with InfoPath integration 23. WSPBuilder 24. SharePoint Development Best Practices - ReadiDepthDEMONSTRATION WSPBuilder to create Web Part Solution 25. SP Deploy 26. SharePoint Development Best Practices - ReadiDepthDEMONSTRATION SP Deploy to create Site Structure 27. SharePoint Inspector 28. SharePoint Development Best Practices - ReadiDepthDEMONSTRATION SharePoint Inspector for debugging 29. VSeWSS Solution Generator 30. SharePoint Development Best Practices - ReadiDepthDEMONSTRATION Solution Generator to create SharePoint List Template Solution 31. SharePoint Development Best Practices - ReadiDepthCELEBRITY DEATHMATCH 32. SharePoint Designer vs Visual StudioWorkflows 33. SharePoint Lists vs SQL Database Tables 34. InfoPath Forms vs ASP.NET Forms 35. Site Features vs Site Templates 36. Web.Config vs SharePoint Lists vs Web Service Configuration Management Web.config SharePoint List Web Service / Database 37. SharePoint Development Best Practices - ReadiDepthSUMMARY 38. Points to take away Nothing gets into an environment without a Solution WSP Package All artifacts are stored in source control Choose your weapons wisely 39. For more information Jeremy Thakes blog Jeremy Thakes Diigo Social bookmarks Perth SharePoint User Group Richard Greene Implementing BDC Tommy Segoro Comparing Development Tools Clinton Cherry Semantic Search Add-on 40. A Readify Developer Network session By Jeremy Thake, Senior Consultant, ReadifyEmail Address: jeremy.thake@readify.netRDN Website: Discover, Master, Influence 40