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Sheet1SharePoint Advanced Developer Course ContentNo.SessionsThings to CoverTime Spent (Hours)Session 1Advanced Concepts of SharePoint Object Model6Using Visual Studio Extension for SharePointCreating Web PartsSharePoint Event HandlersCreating Event HandlersCreating SolutionsUnderstanding various files in SolutionsDeploying Web Parts/Events with FeaturesWorking with SharePoint Web ServicesSession 2Creating Apps using Web Services Creating Visual Studio Workflows

InfoPath Forms2Introduction to InfoPath FormsCreating Wizard based InfoPath FormsUsing C# code in InfoPath FormsSession 3Adding Workflow to InfoPaths

BDC and Excel Services3Understanding BDC and various WebPartsCreating Application Definition FilesUsing BDC Web Parts in SharePointUnderstanding Excel ServicesUnderstanding the UDF ClassesSurfacing data from Excel to SharePointIntroduction of implementing Forms Based Authentication1Total Hours 12

Session 4 & 5

Session 6

Session 8