Share Point 2010 Fight Night -Admin vs Dev

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The stakes have never been higher for these age old enemies as they battle for SharePoint 2010 supremacy in this no holds barred, grudge match. In SharePoint 2007, the admin blocked every attempt to deploy code, resulting in a decisive victory over dev. Dev, now leaner and stronger, is hungry and eagerly awaits this rematch on the SharePoint 2010 card. Fans wont be disappointed as these old rivals duke it out in this epic battle.


  • 1. SharePoint 2010 Fight NightAdmin vs. Dev
    Referee: Mike Watson
    Senior Product Manager
    Quest Software
  • 2. Referee Mike Watsons Credentials
    Creates third-party solutions for profit at Quest Software
    Created & established best practices for the Center of Excellence (CoE) at Microsoft
    Wrote and evaluated product guidance as a SharePoint Customer Advisory virtual Team member (CAT)
    Evaluated third-party solutions for SharePoint Online
    Contributes to articles, whitepapers, books, and co-authoring a book on SharePoint 2010
  • 3. Agenda
    The 2007 Fight
    The SharePoint 2010 Rematch
    Whats new for Admin
    Whats new for Dev
  • 4. The 2007 Fight
    Got too many requests to do common, simple stuff
    Suffered lack-luster docs
    Visual Studio integration was an afterthought
    Lots of manual effort
    Everything required server touch
    Everything required elevation
    Suffered lack-luster docs
    Had his/her hands full just trying to keep servers up
    Lots of manual effort
    Often handed code to run without any insight into what the code did
    Had no clue how code was affecting their environment
    Often had to say NO!
  • 5. The 2010 Fight!
    The fighters learned new tricks
  • 6. Whats New for Administrators
  • 7. Command & Control
    Throttling Tell end users to leave you alone. Your busy!
    Large List controls tell end users theyre crazy trying to make that query, but admins, no problem!
    SharePoint designer maybe not
    Developer Dashboard Learn just how bad your developers are.
    Sandboxing More like prison for unsavory code.
    SQL Resource Governor The nuclear option!
  • 8. Whats New for Developers
  • 9. Capability & Flexibility
    More GUI capability Fewer assemblies
    SPDesigner Better and free-er than ever
    Developer Dashboard Devs, See just how bad you really are!
    Client-OM Access SharePoint via script w/o web services
    Sandboxing Deploy code without dreaded conversations with Administrators
  • 10. Summary
    In SharePoint 2007
    Dev lacked guidance and made a mess.
    Admin didnt have controls and blocked most Dev efforts
    In SharePoint 2010
    Dev can get more done without ever talking to Admin
    Dev has better tools and guidance increasing Admin confidence
    Admin has more control than ever before
  • 11. And the Winner by TKO is.
    The Business
  • 12. What is Deployment Advisor?
    A tool created specifically to instill confidence in SharePoint, its administrators, their managers, and ultimately end users.
  • 13. What is Deployment Advisor Specifically?
  • 14. Features
  • 15. Extensible, Open, Community Driven
  • 16. How Deployment Advisor Works
  • 17. Benefits of Deployment Advisor
  • 18. Licensing
    Licensed per front-end web server
    No license required for SQL
    Only monitors SQL servers containing SharePoint databases
    Value add: All Best practices, reporting, and maintenance
    No license required for Windows
    DA can scan/compare non-SharePoint servers, identify risks and report. All value add
  • 19.
    Locate me at:
  • 20. Upcoming Events
    Tonight - #SharePint #ShareCurry Nottingham User Group
    Nov 26th - QuestWebParts Day Amsterdam
    Jan 18th- 19th - SharePoint Conference 2010 Amsterdam
    Feb 10th- 12th SPTechCon San Francisco
    Apr 19th 21st SharePoint Evolution London
    Apr 25th 28th TEC2010 Los Angeles
  • 21. Q&A