Setting Up Your Own Facebook Fan Page URL

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  • 1. Setting Up Your Own Facebook Fan Page URLFacebook never stops providing room to improve our own Facebook pages. We can now sharephotos and videos, chat, play games and advertise our own products. We can operate business andpromote our own brands for free. It has already become a powerful tool for SEO and onlinemarketing. But, though assisting our personal branding effort pays off, wouldnt it be nicer and moreattracting to visitors and prospects if you have your own friendly Facebook Fan Page URL in yourprofile? A personalized one which focus on the authenticity of your brand alone? Instead of having along frustrating URL characters, you will now have your own unique and memorable URL.Facebook is now giving great opportunities to Facebook business Pages to promote their businessand aid their online branding. This is a huge break for business owners to take advantage of. This isalso a great SEO for Facebook where you can use your main keyword for the page as the username.You can now educate people from all around the world about the products and services you areendorsing and drive traffic on your website.You can do this by setting up your very own Facebook Fan Page URL. This is through the feature ofFacebook called Facebook Vanity URL. This feature makes your Fan page easier to find and morememorable because it is shorter that the random strings and characters you see in your usual URL.Like other social media, you can now choose your own username and URL that are easy toremember and distribute. Moreover, Facebook only allows Pages that have at least 25 followers orfans to be eligible in availing the said feature.Setting up your own Vanity Facebook Fan Page URL is easy and quick. Making it look like:www just a few steps.First, log-in to your Facebook account and think of a unique but relevant username to use. It shouldbe a minimum of five characters. Though there are suggestions from Facebook, it would be muchspecial if you personalized it.Second, go to:www change your Facebook Fan Page URL. Using the drop down box, select the page youd like tochange or rename and check the availability of the chosen name.After checking its availability, you can now click the "Save button" and then you are done with yournew Facebook Fan Page URL. You can repeat the process if you have multiple pages.Facebook Fan Page URL cant be changed anymore once set that is why you have to think and makesure that your Vanity URL is something catchy and easy to remember.Vanity URL is an amazing Facebook feature that you should not miss. You can now share a clear,short and unique Facebook Fan Page URL to all your friends and fans. They can easily rememberyour fan page and visit you over and over again.Advertising with Facebook