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On-Page Optimization

ON-PAGE OPTIMIZATION1. Search Engine Optimization at a Glance:Methods of S.E.O.:On-Page Optimization

Off-Page Optimization

1. On-Page Optimization2. Off-Page Optimization

Features of On-Page Optimization:1. Title tag2. Meta keyword tag

3. Website content

4. Keyword selection & implementation5. Site map1. Title tag:

It is considered to be one of the important tag for search engines. Website keywords should be used in title bar. Title tag is displayed in search results and it should be limited to the size of upto 60-80 characters.For example: You can use title web designing, web development, affordable website designing, if your site offers web solutions.2. Meta keyword tagThis tag is used for specific keywords on which you desired to rank your site in search engines. Make sure, you used the keyword at an adequate level. Otherwise, it will be considered as keyword stuffing; and keyword stuffing might block your site in search engines. We should also consider following things while using keywords in our website:a. Add keywords in page links:It is very effective to use keywords in page links, referring to internal or external resources or websites. This adds more chances for getting top search ranking.For example: If you have a website that sells cars and you have used keywords like, new cars, used cars and sports cars, then you can link these keywords like, new cars, used cars or sports car to your internal website or external resources.b. Add keywords in Alt Image Text:3. Website contenta. Keyword density

b. Use keywords as Page/File Namesc. Optimize Index/Homepage