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Sellvana - the open source eCommerce platform that enables merchants, developers and designers to realize their vision - no compromises. SOON YOU WILL ENJOY ECOMMERCE.

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2. Hello 3. Why Sellvana? Demonstration The Road Ahead 4. A Brief History 5. Why Sellvana? 6. lack of speed lack of simplicity lack of flexibility Icon made by Freepik from 7. Speed - 1 out of 5 shoppers will abandon their loaded shopping cart if they perceive the pages as being too slow. 8. Simplicity - Edsger W. Dijkstra, Turing Award Winner Simplicity is prerequisite for reliability. 9. Flexibility - Jeff Bezos We are stubborn on vision. We are flexible on details. 10. Sellvana for Developers 11. Sellvana Platform Fulleron Framework Buckyball Library Relationship 12. Sellvana Platform Module Module Module Module Fulleron Framework Core Module Core Module Buckyball Library Relationship 13. 25,000 products 5MB per request Benchmarking 500ms first catalog page load time 45ms subsequent catalog page load times 35ms home page 14. Challenge #1 Share your benchmarking results on your server configuration 15. Security bcrypt hash password XSS protection Login throttle CSRF protection 16. Security How can you help? 17. Challenge #2 Try to hack your copy of Sellvana and find weak spots - note - if you are successful, please share it with us at Together, lets protect our clients 18. Implemented Features (highlights) 19. Catalog (Backend) 20. Catalog > Navigation 21. Catalog > Products 22. Catalog > Products > Variants 23. Catalog > Products > Custom Fields 24. Catalog (Frontend) 25. Product List 26. Product View Page 27. Shopping Cart 28. NO EAV 29. One Page Checkout (not dependent on JavaScript) 30. One Page Checkout 31. Demo 32. The Road Ahead 33. Testimonial Sellvana is really easy to work with. Its flexible, customizable and fun; yet powerful and robust. - Pablo Benitez, CTO, ebizmarts 34. Bring your Imagination 35. - Request Access - - Participate - - Contribute - Get Involved 36. Socialize @Sellvana +Sellvana 37. Let s Chat 38. Thank You - General Questions - - Security - - Boris Gurvich -