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Secure backups save the day

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Secure backups save the dayMatt MillerVPBeyond Insurance

Confidential 2016 Quorum Inc.

# 2016 Quorum Inc.History of backupsInsurance


Local HA - Recover files, servers, and appsOffsite DR Stay productive if site is down


Hyper-Converged Backup Solution

# 2016 Quorum Inc.Backups can help secure your shop

PhysicalApplicationsStorageCloudVMsGoal: Maintain Uptime


Security Threats

Backup Solution

# 2016 Quorum Inc.


Turning BDR into an assetLocal RecoveryRecover FilesRestore Failed ServersApplication Uptime

Remote RecoveryOffsite CopyArchive FilesSite RecoveryReplication

Test | MigrationFull DEV EnvironmentServer OS HardeningTest Patches/UpgradesOS and Network PenetrationMigrate to ProductionSecurity TestingBDR Backup Disaster RecoveryData ProtectionBusiness ContinuityDRaaS

Backup SolutionServer OS HardeningOS and Network PenetrationFull DEVTest against exact CLONES Deploy when complete

# 2016 Quorum Inc.Security best practices

OS HardeningNetwork Penetration TestingWhy? Take steps to make your OS bulletproof to common attacks.

Tips Least PrivilegeCapabilitiesMandatory Access ControlPort Control/Audits

Why? Test for known vulnerabilities and exploits

Tips Targeted Testing (internal)External VisibleIn-Depth ScanningExploitation Tools

Backup SolutionComplete SandboxVM clones from productionLAN segmentationDeploy VM to productionContinuous Protection

# 2016 Quorum Inc.


Avoid ransomware with effective BDRDefense in Depth

PhysicalPerimeterAppHostData/SystemsRecovery Data Protection will sidestep ransomwareEntire system recoverySeparate from productionEncrypted

Step 1 Unplug the infected server/PC

Step 2 Power on a clean copy of your server Users are back online

Step 3 Clean your production systems while BDR handles production

# 2016 Quorum Inc.Ransomeware is a rising security threat. A sound recovery solution is part of many layers that make up most companies defense in depth. The ability to continue to work..while you clean production servers is a core component of any quality DR solution. Simply put any backup/recovery/DR solution should allow you to sidestep ransomware threats.


OS HardeningBackups can help secure your shop a result, the company responded to incidents that were shorter in duration and smaller in size than in the past, Kevin Mandia, FireEye's recently appointed CEO,said during the company's earnings call."While our services personnel are responding to more attacks this year than prior years, the scope and scale of these attacks is simply different," Mandia said. "The scale and scope went from hundreds of compromised machines by attackers who wanted to maintain and keep access to more of the ransomware-type attacks and extortion attack that are simply easier to remediate at times."

# 2016 Quorum Inc.Spiceworks Webinar FlowIntro and BioExplain the idea behind using BDR as a tool/resource. BDR is beyond just insuranceTell story from pastDefine 3 things BDR can do to make the entire shop more secureStrengthen OS through basic to complex hardening stepsTest your threat vectors using Pen testingBDR is there to get you back online BDR best practice Beyond InsuranceQuorum OverviewQuorum DemoRecap. BDR can be seen as an asset within your company not just insurance.

# 2016 Quorum Inc.


Modern IT DemandsServersNetworkStorageCloudVirtualizationGoal: Maintain Uptime


# 2016 Quorum Inc.Modern Data Centers demand uptime. Regardless of what technology your IT environment is built on maintaining uptime is always crucial.9

Changing landscape of Data ProtectionExponential Data Growthannual growth in structured and unstructured data

Rise of Virtualizationof SMBs have already adopted virtualization

Risk of Data Lossof businesses that have never tested their backup plan

Physical and Virtual SupportSolution needs to support various OS running on physical or virtual

Data Protection On-Premise, Off-Premise or in the CloudProtection anywhereInstant Recovery + File RecoverySingle solution to recover servers, data, and applications

# 2016 Quorum Inc.We see three main trends with todays IT departments:1.) Data growth and footprint continues to rise.2.) Virtualization is already in most orgs and continues to be a rising trend3.) Customers typically dont test their backup plan

Three things that customers tell us:1.) The want protection on-premise and off and/or with a cloud provider2.) They want one backup/recovery solution for Physical and Virtual3.) They want to instantly recover files, servers, and applications10

What are Disasters? Anything Disrupting Service

Natural disaster

5%Technology failure55%Software failure18%Humanerror22%Account for 95% of system downtime

Security Breach


# 2016 Quorum Inc.How did traditional backups protect us11

Traditional Backup/Recovery solutions

Typical BackupFile level restoreOffsite

Full system restoreWorkload Availability

# 2016 Quorum Inc.The old ways of protecting data and systems doesnt offer uptime. It only offers data recovery. It lacks the ability to fully restore servers back to production without downtime.12

What should your next BDR look like?

MigrationArchivingOffsiteReplicationTestingMonitoringBackupDeduplicationInstant Recovery

# 2016 Quorum Inc.My ideal data protection solution ould have:Backup physical, virtual, Windows and LinuxInstantly recovery data, servers, and the applicationsDeduplicate data so I dont waste storage space and time while replicatingReplicate offsite to either customer site or cloudHave the ability to fully test the solution top to bottom without impacting productionMonitor my network for outages and tell me when a problem comes upHas the ability to archive for long term storage. One vendor for Data Protection and ArchiveMigration use the system beyond protection use it as an asset.


Who is Quorum?

Protecting IT since.Easy Recovery with

Recover data, servers, and applications2008


# 2016 Quorum Inc.Been protecting IT departments against downtime since 2008With a product we call onQOnQ is designed to recover data, servers, and applications in just minutes


What do we protect?PhysicalVirtual Machines

Connected DataSAN, NAS, etc..

Recovery in Minutes



Data (File Level Restore) | Server Recovery | Application Uptime

# 2016 Quorum Inc.Recovery with onQ



VMProduction Site




VMDR or Cloud



ReplicationBackup Type Application ConsistentIncremental ForeverBlock Level DedupEncrypted TransferGlobal DedupFlexible ReplicationEncrypted TransferVPN Remote Access

Server Fails:onQ Notification Email or Text

# 2016 Quorum Inc.You can deploy onQ either with a Quorum appliance or with a software virtual appliance running on your HW. You can then choose where to replicate. Either your DR site or Quorums cloud DRaaS

State value prop behind local HA protection and DR.16

onQ Deployment


VMYour Data Center

Backup Data

Recovery Nodes

onQ-HAHigh Availability



At your site

Quorums Cloud



Quorum Appliance-Physical-Virtual-DataReplicateOffsite

Virtual ApplianceYour HardwareOr

# 2016 Quorum Inc.You can deploy onQ either with a Quorum appliance or with a software virtual appliance running on your HW. You can then choose where to replicate. Either your DR site or Quorums cloud DRaaS

State value prop behind local HA protection and DR.17

Lets crash a server

# 2016 Quorum Inc.All is good in the Data Center




PhysicalonQ protects physical servers and VMs

Backup any connected SAN, NAS, NFS, etc

Simple onQ agent installation (We also support true agentless deployments)

onQ monitors your servers for availability alerts when there is a problem

# 2016 Quorum Inc.


onQ Dashboard Green lights are good

onQ is IP based access the MGMT dashboard anywhere

Dashboard shows entire health of system

Ease of use allows for any non-IT trained staff to perform server failover

# 2016 Quorum Inc.

Production Server Fails


Notification - If a production server fails onQ will notify you by text or email

RTO (Recovery Time Objective) is the time it takes to boot your server

Recovery is quick and easy. Anyone with access to onQ to perform failover. Complex DR run-books are a thing of the past.


Hyper VVMVMVMPhysical

# 2016 Quorum Inc.Failover to onQFailover is easyClick the red button

# 2016 Quorum Inc.

onQ Recovery Node Server is back onlineRTO=5 MinUsers are back online

# 2016 Quorum Inc.

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