Scouting for Social Media Influencers (Sean Walsh - Blueclaw)

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My presentation at BrightonSEO 2013

Text of Scouting for Social Media Influencers (Sean Walsh - Blueclaw)


2. THE VALUE OF THE BLOGGER ISGROWINGAND THEY KNOW IT! 3. INFLUENCER TIERSThe Super InfluencerVogue: Blog - - 87 DA@BritishVogue 908,612 followers | 82 Klout | /BritishVogue 228,728 LikesMedia | Mainstream | The InfluencerThe Man Repeller 74 DA@ManRepeller 111,804 followers | 74 Klout | /manrepeller 59,702 LikesConnected | Established | SavvyThe Future InfluencerThe Style Rawr 34 DA@TheStyleRawr 5,046 followers | 55 Klout | /thestylerawr 1,600 LikesPower user | Curator | Brand hungry 4. SOCIAL TELLS Are they connected & are they growing? How big are their networks? 7,000+ community Growth: 2,022 followers over 6 months How fast are they growing? 68% growth Are they creating engagement? 15% month on month growth 5. Are they being noticed by their peers? Fashion Blogger awards and nominations Blog roll recommendations on fellow blogger sites Content sharing by influencers in the industry Guest blogging & inter- linking between theINDUSTRY TELLS blogger community 6. SEO TELLS Is their site starting to SITE TRAFFIC reap SEO benefits? Is site traffic growing month by month? +6883 increase on monthly traffic LINK ANALYSIS What does their backlink profile look like? Is their content being noticed? SEO VISIBILITY Is their site becoming more prominent in search? 46% increase in search visibility 7. Blogger outreach isnt new, but itcan take time. Be polite, be honestand be useful to the blogger. 8. CURATE COLLABORATEACCESS EDUCATE 9. Thanks!@walshybhoy