Science vs. Sorcery: A SXSW proposal

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Julie SargentSarah Rose CavanaghHead of Product Innovation Labs at GloboforcePreviously at,, telegram.comCannot help examining, experimenting, and optimizing (raised by engineers)

Associate Professor of PsychologyAssociate Director for Grants and Research, Center for Teaching ExcellenceBlogs on affective neuroscience for PsychologyToday, author of The Spark of Learning, has appeared on Higher Education Today and The Martha Stewart Show


we do Our most important work In teams

A team is simply any group of people who work together in order to accomplish a shared goal. Were all part of multiple teams immediate families, neighborhood associations, work teams, churches, workout groups, etc. 3

Teams rely on popular design processesAgileleanDesign sprints

Julie Sargent (JS [2]) - we should remove lean and add design sprint

These processes werent developed based on scientific knowledge

But in the meantime, Scientists are actively studying team dynamics

Which aspects of agile & design sprints hold up?

Which DONT?


Self-organizingRetrospectiveno rolesProduct backlogdefinition of donesprint readyInviolable sprintTime boxedSprint reviewDaily scrumDesign sprints

StagesShared understandingDivergeDot votingThe TimerstoryboardingPaper sketchingUser testingDedicated facilitatorPhysical artifacts

Well end on a science-based Model for smooth team dynamics