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Discover the ways to improve Samsung Galaxy tablet.

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  • 1. Ways To Improve The Samsung Galaxy Tab

2. Many consumers were very pleased when Samsung launched the Galaxy Tab. 3. It is a slate style tablet computer, which falls in the line of DELL Streak and Apple. 4. It seems Samsung is trying to become the biggest rival of the Apple iPad sequel with its competing features and commendable specs. 5. The astounding sales figure stands as a proof of its thundering entry into the US markets. 6. Since it was released the Tab has sold over 1 million units. 7. After reviewing the features even you will be very amazed. 8. Though the gadget is created to play rival to Apples iPad, it is a different species in reality. 9. Some call it a bridge between large tablets and smart phones. 10. The small 7-inch LCD screen with 1024600 pixels WSVGA resolution acts as a proof to this fact. 11. It runs on Android 2.2 equipped with a front camera and an inbuilt expandable memory of 64 GB. 12. The 3 MP camera on the back with LED flash is a bonus. 13. Just pick it up and feel the lightness of the 380 grams device, just 0.47 thick. 14. Samsung Galaxy Tab features include a slim pocket fitting body of 0.47?, 7-inch (1024x 600 pixels) touch screen display. 15. There is a front camera for video conferencing and a back camera of 3 megapixels with flash for fine video quality. 16. Other features include a 1GHz Hummingbird processor, 16 gigabytes onboard memory and to top it all off, the tablet lives on Google OS. 17. This tablet will also feature the latest version of Adobe Flash (10.1). 18. The best part of this device is that it is available on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. 19. For the techies, the optional Samsung Galaxy Tab accessories such as a docking station with HDMI port, external keyboard and car dock are premiums. 20. When considering the speed of this tablet you can pretty much compare it to many of the newer model smart phones because it works similar. 21. Comparable to the iPad, Samsung Galaxy has a widescreen display, calendar, weather, mail inbox and a few more features. 22. As an addition, it also has video chat, DLNA sharing and Flash not featured on iPads. This will certainly make a huge impact in the market. 23. After looking at all these positive aspects, you might ask if any pitfalls exist. 24. Yes, the price; though it is a novelty item for most of us, the price is still a big question mark in the aspects of affordability. 25. Usually the introductory prices are unbelievable when the product is declared, but it turns out to be less when launched in the market. 26. The Hardware of the Galaxy Tab should also be looked into. All the applications are pre formatted with not much additional coding. 27. This is good news for gamers and web addicts. 28. Similar to the iPads and smart phones, you can read full magazines, interact and chat, create and construct content on your tablet. 29. To give a glamorous touch and protection to the gadget, Samsung Galaxy Tab cases made of leather, silicone skins and rubber are introduced in the market. 30. Make sure to keep your device scratch and dent free with a case. 31. Another additional accessory for this gadget is the Samsung Galaxy Tab Screen Protector. 32. It is in other words a screen guard for the display screen. It protects the screen from smudges and scratches. 33. The screen protector is clear in color, which does not appear different from the screen itself. You may put it on and remove it at anytime without damaging the original screen. 34. After talking about the brighter side of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, one must accept that there is still room for improvement. 35. If compared to its rival, the company has to come up with more variants in storage capacities. 36. It is true that the Samsung Galaxy stands on the higher side when it comes to features, but Samsung has to rethink its prices due to the sensitivity of the market. 37. Other iPads cost less than Samsung iPads. 38. Therefore, it is obvious what a common person would think in terms of pricing and it is high time Samsung thinks about it. 39. Ways To Improve The Samsung Galaxy Tab 40. For more blog info visit www.