Salesforce Virtual Reality : Immersive Data Visualization

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  • Salesforce1 + VR = Immersive Data Visualization

    Paul Battisson, MVP, Technical Architect, Mavens Consulting Vincent Reeder, Technical Architect, Mavens Consulting

  • Paul Battisson MVP

    Technical Architect, Mavens Consulting



  • Vincent Reeder Technical Architect, Mavens Consulting


  • About Mavens Consulting

    Preferred Healthcare & Life Sciences implementation partner for and Veeva

    50+ Salesforce1 & Heroku consultants located across North America and Europe

    12 Mavens in attendance at #Dreamforce15, speaking in 8 different technical sessions


  • Agenda

    Why are we doing VR with Salesforce?

    Three.js Introduction

    Three.js Basic Demonstration

    Three.js Driven by Salesforce

    Where Next?


  • Why are we doing VR with Salesforce? I mean aside from it just being cool.

  • VR is Going to Change Business

  • Google Cardboard

    Stereoscopic Rendering

    Orientation Controls

    NFC Interaction

    Cameras, Scenes, Renderers and Lights

  • Three.js WebGL Made Easy

  • Three.js

    Open Source Javascript library Created by Mr Doob/Ricardo Cabello

    First commit March 23rd 2010

    Over 10,000 commits

    Wraps WebGL to make it more friendly

    Used by Apple, Google, Rocksteady

  • Examples Using Three.js

  • Three.js + VF Demo & Code

  • Driving Three.js With Salesforce

  • Setup

    Graphic detailing data model setup and how this drives Three.js rendering

  • Demo & Code!

  • Whats Next?

  • Whats Next?

    Further data driven models for Product Visualization

    Working with other platforms Oculus Rift

    Samsung Gear


    Interactions GamePad API

    In built controllers (Oculus)

    Follow on Twitter to view the code @pbattisson


  • Q&A

  • Share Your Feedback, and Win a GoPro!

    3 Earn a GoPro prize entry for each completed survey Tap the bell to take a survey 2Enroll in a session 1

  • Thank you


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