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TiE Institute Workshop - Crafting a High-Impact Sales Pitch Sell or you will be sold! How to read your potential customer's business situation in 5 minutes? How to communicate confidently and expressively? How to master the art of listening? Presentation by Vasudev Murthy- Managing Partner at Focal Concepts.

Text of S e l l by Vasudev Murthy

  • 1. Sell Vasudev Murthy Oct 17 2013
  • 2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sO 84bGgra8 Listening and Rapport Building http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bA gEmihzLs Interview selling yourself http://www.youtube.com/watch ?v=tCcYD2-nMB4 Mirroring in Sales
  • 3. Sell Sell or you will be sold!
  • 4. First Impressions Your first impression determines whether customers want to do business with you 4
  • 6. Common Mistakes Talking about yourself Erratic eye contact Poor Listening Disagreeing non-verbally Interrupting and contradicting Not using the name Inappropriate humour Appearance Monotonic speech 6
  • 7. P5 Get this right and you will get your next meeting
  • 8. 1. Pitch Objective Why are you speaking to this person or these persons? What do you want from them? Examples: I want a longer meeting with this person to get into details of my service or product because he is a potential customer I want to meet him because he could be an alliance partner 8
  • 9. 2. Problems you solve What do you do? What does your company solve? Examples: I am a technology entrepreneur. My inventory management software can help companies manage and reduce inventory by almost 50% through the use of predictive analytics I am a restaurant operations consultant. I help restaurants with furnishings and create raw material supply chains very fast, so that they can start operations 50% earlier than 9
  • 10. 3. Impact on People How will it impact the person you speaking to? How will it impact users of the product or service? Examples: This product will help you increase profitability by reducing inventory costs quickly You will be able to expand into new markets and reduce manpower You can provide your customers with faster turn-around time with my predictive analytics software 10
  • 11. 4. Unique Selling Proposition What is different about your product or service? Are there competitors? If so, how well do you know their product? What is superior about their product? What is superior about yours? Examples: My product is 30% cheaper, 50% faster and can be set up to run in exactly one hour My product can run on multiple platforms and uses an unbreakable security encryption algorithm My competitors product does too many things and is too expensive. It requires a person dedicated to the product. 11
  • 12. 5. Persona Confidence Sincerity Attire Positive body language Sense of urgency Clarity of thought and expression Projection of planning 12
  • 13. Example Good afternoon! Im Vijay Rao from Smart Inventory Systems. Our PoleStar inventory management products can reduce inventory by 50% thereby reducing costs. The product can give you results in less than a week and doesnt require specialized manpower or expensive startup consulting. You can pass on the savings to your customers or enhance profits. Id really appreciate an opportunity to meet with you to discuss how PoleStar could make a positive impact to you. 13
  • 14. Elevator Pitch Sell your idea to an investor in 2 minutes flat http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tq0tan49r mc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6O98o2F RHw 14