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Roofing and Cladding fasteners from SFS intec

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A full range of innovative, purpose designed self drilling, self tapping fasteners together with coloured rivets.

Text of Roofing and Cladding fasteners from SFS intec

  • 1. Roofing and Cladding

2. irius drive system: attractive and user-friendly.Presentation: FasteningSystems 3. SDK clip fastening system: secure and easyscrew attachment to thin metal sheet.Presentation: FasteningSystems 4. SDC2 self-drilling fastener:all-in-one spacer and fastener.Presentation: FasteningSystems 5. GAZ design fastener: creative cladding design.Presentation: FasteningSystems 6. TU-S system: blind attachmentsthat dont need to hide their heads.Presentation: FasteningSystems 7. TT fastening system:attaching HPL balcony cladding.Presentation: FasteningSystems 8. The new self-drilling fastener for heavy-gaugesteel: top drilling performance and reliability.Presentation: FasteningSystems 9. Especially designed overall systems.Presentation: FasteningSystems 10. SLA for aluminium sub-frames: fast and secure.Presentation: FasteningSystems 11. AP aluminium rivets: For cladding panelsto aluminium or steel frameworkPresentation FasteningSystems 12. TW-S: Wood screw with large aesthetical headto fix cladding panels to timber battenPresentation: FasteningSystems

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