Release Automation: Teaming Up for App Deployment

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Text of Release Automation: Teaming Up for App Deployment

  • CA+ Release Automation Teaming Up for App Deployment

  • CA+ Release Automation Overview

    Modern service delivery often runs into roadblocks whenteams work in silos, resulting in redundancies, gaps or incompatible processes. CA Release Automation unifies your teams so you can produce high-quality apps.

  • CA+ Release Automation Automating Deployment

    Automate release deployment to increase the cadence and velocity of app updates. This is the single tool that can help dev and ops work as a seamless teamviewing the entire pipeline, reducing manual effort (and error) and sharing best practices.

  • CA+ Release Automation Accelerate Smartly

    CA Release Automation helps you iterate faster, innovate and continually delight your customers. It can reduce app development time from months to hours, and increase weekly deployments by up to 300%.

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  • CA+ Release Automation Improve Quality with Control

    Reliably release software whenever, wherever you need. In fact, CA Release Automation can reduce production failures by up to 80%.

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