•Red Wing Ignite: The Power of Gigabit Broadband, Neela Mollgaard, Red Wing Ignite

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Presented at the 2014 Border to Border Broadband: A Call to Action conference in St Paul MN


  • 1.Our History

2. HBC 3. US Ignite Foster development of next generation applications1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.Education & Workforce Energy Health Public Safety Transportation Manufacturing 4. SimCenter Enterprises Sim Center Demo 5. Our Community Rallied 6. Organization 7. Red Wing IgniteWe provide an innovative environment for businesses to thrive 8. Red Wing Ignite PROVIDES: Business Accelerator Co-working environment 9. Red Wing Ignite ADVISES: Developers / Start-ups Community 10. Red Wing Ignite ADVANCES: Technology Local Economy The Community 11. Ignite Action 12. What is a Hackathon? Video link 13. Contact Us Website: www.redwingignite.org Deb Marty, Program Coordinator deb@redwingignite.org Neela Mollgaard, Executive Director neela@redwingignite.org