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2. YOUR PEACE OF MIND. OUR SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS.Introduction Information and communicationsTechnologies are transforming world on adaily basis. In a fast moving global economy,international trade, by adopting electronictechnologies could save billions of dollarsevery year. Switching from paper documentswould increase security and transparency insupply chains and provide Governments andthe private sector with higher revenues. 3. YOUR PEACE OF MIND. OUR SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS. Organizing a software house is veryspecialized type of management skill, whereexperienced persons can turn theorganizational problem into a unique benefit. City software house provides a broad range oflatest and technically advanced Technicalsupport systems and sales services. 4. YOUR PEACE OF MIND. OUR SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS. City Software House strives to supportimprovements in education and make apositive difference in students lives byproviding software tools that help studentslearn to think. 5. YOUR PEACE OF MIND. OUR SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS. VisionWe see ourselves as the worlds leadingInformation Technology company providingquality solutions backed up by unbeatablecustomer service. 6. YOUR PEACE OF MIND. OUR SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS.MissionWe believe that we must provide innovative,competitive and top-quality services to ourcustomers. Our first responsibility is to meetour customers requirements, to finish theproject on time and within budget. 7. YOUR PEACE OF MIND. OUR SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS.Department Functions 8. YOUR PEACE OF MIND. OUR SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS.Jobs SummaryData Base AdministratorSenior Oracle Developer 9. YOUR PEACE OF MIND. OUR SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS.JOB SPECIFICATIONS BCS (Minimum 2nd Division) /MCS referredany recognized university preferred. Minimum 3 4 years working experience insoftware house. OCP (Oracle Certification Professional) 10. YOUR PEACE OF MIND. OUR SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS.Jobs Description Good knowledge of Oracle Developer and DBA Ability to immediately follow written and oralinstructions. Good team player Leadership Qualities 11. YOUR PEACE OF MIND. OUR SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS.Job Responsibility Installation, configuration and upgrading ofOracle server software and related products. Evaluate Oracle features and Oracle relatedproducts. Establish and maintain sound backup andrecovery policies and procedures . Take care of the Database design andimplementation. 12. YOUR PEACE OF MIND. OUR SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS. Implement and maintain database security(create and maintain users and roles, assignprivileges). Perform database tuning and performancemonitoring. Perform application tuning and performancemonitoring. Setup and maintain documentation andstandards. Plan growth and changes (capacity planning). 13. Application For Employment Personal Information Full Name:________________ First Name:___________________ Last Name:___________________ Current Address:________________________Permanent Address:_______________________________ What Position are you applying for:________________________ Date available for employment:_____________ Can you work in over time:-yes No If no mention reason:__________________ Can you work individually : yes ___ No ____ If No give reason:________________________ Can you travel another city: yes ___ No ____Do you have leadership skills: yes ____ No ____ Qualification Education Name Of Institute%DivisionCGPAPassing YearNo OfAttempt MCS/MS/MBA/MPA/Others. BBA/BPA/B.Com/Other.. Intermediate/ A- Level Metric/ O-LevelDeclaration:-I declare that the information given above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and I understand that any false statement or forged documentwill be consider sufficient cause for dismissal in the event of employment withCITY SOFTWARE.______________________Signature*Note: Please attach your CV and testimonial of your educational documents with this form. 14. Past ExperienceNO Name Of Organization From To Salary Reason for leaving 1 2 3 4Expected Salary in City Software House (In Five figures) :________________________ 15. Questions of Personality Tests Never Seldom Sometimes Often Always1.I enjoy reading books of fiction.2. I am more conservative than risk taking.3. Sometimes I get very nervous.4. I more often introduce myself to strangers than strangers introduce themselves to me.5. I consider myself more of a doer than a thinker.6. I like to set goals before beginning a project.7. I like to follow schedules.8. I think it is OK to bend the rules to complete a taskon time.9. I enjoy long weekends. 16. Critical Questions What is your Strengths And Weakness analysis:____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Are you Optimistic or pessimistic?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. How can you prove your KSAs in City Software explain on the basis of your past experience?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. After Appointment if you found any POCs against you so, what you will do? Will you resign on the spot orcompromise with that?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Reason for joining this workplace?Declaration:-I Agree with terms and condition of city software without any pressure and harassment. ______________________ Signature