Recover Deleted files through Recuva a Data Recovery Tool

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Recuva data recovery tool can restore deleted files from your pc. If you have deleted files form recycle in this tool could bring them back. But if any new file allocated to those positions then the files could not be recovered with this tool.

Text of Recover Deleted files through Recuva a Data Recovery Tool

  • 1.Recover files deleted from Recycle Bin in your PC It is possible to restore a file you have deleted from recycle in in your pc. If the physical address is not allocated for a new file or data it is still possible to recover the file or data. Watch this presentation for

2. In Type these words Download Recuva free 3. Open the link mentioned bellow 4. Now click the Green Button to download the Recuva tool 5. You could scan the site and then download the file 6. Here we scan the site before downloading and the sample result 7. No open the file to install the Recuva tool in your PC 8. Click the Next Button 9. Next 10. Now click the Install Button 11. Watch your installation started 12. Click Finish 13. After completing the installation process click Next 14. If you want to recover a specific file type you could choose here 15. If you know the previous location of the file you could choose the options here, otherwise choose Iam not sure 16. Click Start to proceed 17. Scanning started to find the deleted files from recycle bin 18. A huge list of files and choose your desired files from there 19. Select a fodder to restore files or create a new folder in Your PC 20. You could recover files in there previous locations also 21. Your file recovery process completed. 22. Now open the folder you have selected or created to restore the deleted files 23. Thank you for watching