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Evolution of Collaborative Content ManagementEven as IT spending slides, IT departments are having to handle more content, more users, provide more productivity, as well as more compliance.They have to do all this at less cost.The enterprise hasn't kept up with advances in collaboration - most still uses a shared drive + MS Office + Email.Most knowledge workers: - can't find documents - can't find the right version of documents - find it easier to search for competitors' info than their own company's info - have lots more noise than signalThis presentation talks about the collaborative enteprise. Essentially providign Facebook-like features for the Enterprise.● The Cost of Poor Collaborative Content Management● Best Practice – On the Web and in the Enterprise● Alfresco● Alfresco Share● Standards Support● Total Cost of Ownership● More Information

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  • 1. ReallySimpleCollabora/on Dr. Ian Howells CMO Alfresco Mike Farman Director ECM Product Management February 2009
  • 2. Agenda Evolution of Collaborative Content Management The Cost of Poor Collaborative Content Management Best Practice On the Web and in the Enterprise Alfresco Alfresco Share Standards Support Total Cost of Ownership More Information 2
  • 3. The Focus of 2009 More Content More Users 8% Decline in IT Spend More Productivity More Compliance Open Source Lower Cost Dramatically Less Cost Social CMIS Computing Standards Consumerization Financial Crisis Compliance 3
  • 4. Simple Collaborative Content Management CIFS/WebDAV Office Outlook Shared Drive 4
  • 5. Waves of Collaborative Content Management Shared Drive Groupware ECM Office Portals Email 5
  • 6. Recognize This? After 20 Years ECM Systems and Enterprise Portals arent Used 5% of Knowledge Workers use ECM 16% of Users use a Collaborative Workplace/ Company Portal
  • 7. The Collaborative Content Management Syndrome Cant Find Documents 45% of Users find Gathering Information about another part of the Company a Challenge Managers spend up to two hours a day searching for information Cant Find the Right Version 42% of Users Accidentally use the Wrong Information at least Once per Week Easier to Search for Competitors Information Only 31 percent said that competitor information is hard to get Often Information is not Valuable More than 50 percent of the information they obtain has no value to them Content from Multiple Sources On average 3 sources for information on competitors, customers, and projects 57% numerous sources causes difficulties Productivity Information is not Distributed in Time to be Useful Compliance 59% miss valuable information everyday to to poor distribution Managers Say the Majority of Information Obtained for Their Work Is Useless Accenture Survey January 2007
  • 8. Ofice and Groupware Syndrome Cant Read it Scalability
  • 9. The Collaborative Enterprise Social Other Friends/Like Minded People Customers What are they doing Sales & Mktg Production Other Similar Useful Projects What are they Doing Partners Engineering R&D Other Similar Useful Content How is it Changing Other Operations Employees Customer Support Other Similar Like Minded Experts What are they thinking
  • 10. Best Practice Super Heroes Nine out of 10 users said they could work better if they could bring their home computer into work, CIO Magazine
  • 11. Best Practice Social Software Concepts From To User Social Profile LDAP Network/Community Pull Push Social Feeds Classification Social Tagging Web Page Gadget Personalization Keywords Social Search Internal Internal/External Content Context - Content, Profile, Social Graph, Projects
  • 12. Best Practice Avoiding Enterprise Content Silos From To Repository Multiple Repositories Proprietary APIs CMIS Internal Internal/External Proprietary Search OpenSearch Web Services REST Vendor UI RIA Mashup Java Lightweight Scripts Vendor Standards Common Web Standards
  • 13. Traditional Choices The Drawbacks Old SharePoint Integrate CALS Cost Cost of Integration Lack of Adoption Reuse Hardware, Software, Security, Authentication Skills Content Management Scalability Audit, Compliance
  • 14. Alfresco Collaborative Content Management Social Software Integrated Suite Open OperatingSystem, Database, Application Server, Web Server, Office Best-of-Breed Web 2.0 Tools Repository Internet Scale Enterprise Authentication, Audit and Compliance 14
  • 15. Alfresco Content Collaboration ECM Enable ECM Enable ECM Enable CIFS/WebDAV Office Email-In Repo 15
  • 16. Best Practice Social Software Concepts Dashboard Gadget Personalization Social Profile Network/Community Site Push Social Feeds Social Tagging and Search Internal/