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Somethint to remember!


<ul><li> 1. Hindi maaaring kopyahin o gayahin ang dokumentasyon na ito kung walang pahintulot mula sa produksyon ng lumikha. Tanging ang mga Project Employee ng RCBC Trust Operations lamang ang may pahintulot na mabigyan ng libreng kopya. Ang mga sumusunod ay pawang kathang-isip lamang at walang ibang nais ipabatid kundi isang ngiti at alaalamula sa mga nakasama. </li></ul> <p> 2. 3. presents 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Starring 11. TheProject Employees 12. Ma. Karen Reyesaka Karen/tabo Nida Ramosaka Nida/Mam Aida Leni Manaloaka Leni Ronalyn Gallentesaka Rona Marian Tesoroaka Mariane/bunso 13. 14. Mike Vallenteaka Mike Aileen Delaonaka Aileen 15. 16. Melissa Matiasaka Aisa Francesca Elaine Francisco Ramosaka Elaine Ana Marie Deosoaka Ana 17. 18. Ben Carlo Andalaka VhenDavid Perezaka Dave Jerry Balbinaka Jerry/Babs Raniel Linwell R. Domingoaka Neil/Suneyo Gwenelito Capetinaka Dudez 19. 20. Odessa Vinculadoaka Dessa Jesica Pasigaaka Jesica Jan King Taguiamaka King 21. 22. And with special participation of 23. Mr. Noel Socratesaka Sir Noel 24. RCBC Project Employee FriendsRemainIfEverNo oneDiesSolemnly 25. Friends are funny.Friends can be freaky.Friends are always there.Friends will be there for you when you need them. Friends listen.Friends make you laugh so hard you cry.Friends face the facts.Friends are an important factor in our lives. They will never let us be a failure.Friends won't let you fade away from being you. They always have faith in you.They're never fake or fraud.Friends may be far away , but they're always close at heart. Friends are forever, like you and me. 26. We shared... 27. laughs of joy, 28. moments of pain, 29. tears of happiness! 30. We earned... 31. care, 32. understanding, 33. as well as a place, 34. in the heart of one another! 35. We talked... 36. about our dreams, 37. about being best friends for life, 38. just about everything imaginable! 39. we sit right beside each other one that I shallNEVER FORGET! 40. Laughing about how stupid we are I almost laugh as IREMEMBER! 41. I don't wanna take any of this for granted but 42. I dont know how to cherish it more than I do 43. Blessed! We have all been 44. I try to ask God to make this all last 45. But I know itWILL and eventually. 46. So I laugh at everything too much 47. to these MOMENTS Like a photograph and hold on 48. Of LIFE!!! 49. you'll always be in myHEART , just promise me that I'll be in yours too!No matter where all of you would be, 50. I would hate to say GOODBYE because it seems too soon but then againWE NEVERwill since a part of us 51. 52. 53. AreALWAYSandFOREVERwith each other 54. KATUWAAN LANG PO!!! Bloopers 55. ALAM NIO BA? Kung sino ang may maraming stolen shot? 56. Ronalyn Gallentes The Ms. Stolen Shot is ui, jesica! huh?!? Im done! P12,345,678.27 hay! So tired! SUPERMEAL! 57. And the Mr. Stolen Shot is save ko lang! bilisan nio nga! Gutom na ko eh! EXTRA RICE BUSOG!!! Tagal naman! Ayon kay Jerry Balbin 58. At ang iba pa 59. KATUWAAN LANG PO!!! 60. ALAM NIO BA? Kung sino ang laging nanunungay? 61. PEACE!!! 62. Kaya sa bawat kuha at palitrato BEWARE OF JESICA PASIGA! ugaliing lumingon at baka siya ang nasa likod mo! 63. KATUWAAN LANG PO!!! PEACE!!! 64. RCBC Project Employee FriendsRemainIfEverNo oneDiesSolemnly Would like to thank Mrs. Malou A. Borja Mam Malou Mr. Ramon B. Borja Sir Mon Mrs. Gemma R. Seneca Mam Gemma Mr. Bob F. Dela Chica Sir Bob Mrs. Nanette Sese Mam Nanette Mr. Raffy G. Ayuste Sir Raffy Ms. Jochelle Reyes Joch and In cooperation of 65. Would also like to thank the following 66. Directed by Sarah Bernardina Borja Produced By Panther Productions Photo Edited By Sarah Bernardina Borja Arranged By Sarah Bernardina Borja Theme Songs Were All In This Together From High School Musical 1 Movie Friends are Friends Forever By Michael W. Smith Summertime By Moonpools and Caterpillars THANK YOU TO: Friendster Photos from Jan King Taguiam Consultation of Names Nida Ramos Aileen De Laon 67. You can now also grab a copy of FREEVIEW Magazines The Official Magazine of Damn Master Volume 1 and 2 68. Brought to you by: 69. All rights reserved 2008 70. Wag natingKALIMUTANmasayangSAMAHAN ,TAWANAN ,TAMBAYAN , walang humpay naKWENTUHAN , walang sawangDAMAYAN , wagSANA MAKALIGTAANangPAGKAKAIBIGANGsaRCBC sinimulan! 71. SometimesRCBC gives me so manyreasonsto hate it. But whenever thathappensI justSTOPandTHINKof you and say.. How can Ihate that placeehDITOko kayoNAKILALA! 72. Who would have thought you were once aSTRANGER , someone I never knew existed who used toPASSEDby me withouteven sayingHIand now you are someone with whom ISHAREone of theBEST FRIENDSHIPin my life!MADAMING THANK YOU!!! 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85. 86. 87. 88. 89. 90. 91. 92. 93. 94. 95. 96. 97. 98. 99. 100. 101. 102. 103. 104. 105. 106. 107. 108. 109. 110. 111. 112. 113. 114. Yeah bhoi!!! Sana nagustuhan niyo. Wala naman sanang naiyak o natawa ng sobra! Pero nais ko lamang sabihin na Salamat po ng marami sa friendship. Nawa kahit na magkaroon na po tayo ng ibang work ay magkita-kita pa din tayo. Maraming salamat sa pagkakaibigang sobrang saya! Sobrang na-eenjoy ko ang bawat araw na kasama ko kayo.I would treasure the friendship we had forever. Memories would always be there. I hope na mas maging successful pa kayo. Always keep in touch. I would always be around. Thank you so much for treating me as a friend. Ingat po kayo palagi. Put God first in everything you do. No goodbyes po.. Just see you later! Thanks guys for the friendship. FRIENDZ FOREVER!!! c,)09 I WILL MISS YOU ALL!!! From the deepest part of my heart lolz!!! 115. sArAh bErnArdinA S. bOrja 116. </p>


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