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Question 4: How did you use media technologiesIn the construction, research, Planning and evaluation stages? MEDIA EVALUATIONMelek Gazi1Movie & Movie Magazine Front CoverPrint production/Advertising For our making of our poster and magazine we used Photoshop to edit the images. I was very experienced in this area becauseI have used Photoshop before. I also well experienced with theCamera because photography is a passion and I also take A2Photography so I know how the camera works and how to frameThe image when taking the photo.

I used to download the font I wanted for the poster.I was looking for a specific type of font that linked into the title. I Wanted the font to the words Satan be scratchy and look like its been scratched in to give it that scary look

MEDIA EVALUATIONMelek Gazi2When we took the pictures for the poster, we did it the same day as shooting because actors with blood on them were in character and we didn't want to have another make-up session for make-up because that would of been time consuming.

MEDIA EVALUATIONMelek Gazi3Evaluation Post-production For editing our trailer we used Final cut pro. At the Beginning both of us wasn't really experienced inUsing final cut, so we just played round with it and Found out more of how it works. Working with Final cut pro had it difficult parts, although we Knew what we wanted to do and how to edit our film, we didn't really know how to do it, but in the end while gaining experience and certain skills, we managed to pull through.

MEDIA EVALUATIONMelek Gazi4 When deciding what music to use, we decided to do this last because we wanted it to link in to the trailer so it can be more effective. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to make a soundtrack for our trailer, although we started but not quite finished

some experimental tracks. So, last minuet decision I asked one of my producer friends if we could use the beginning of his track in our trailer. Luckily he had sent and given us the right to use his song.

MEDIA EVALUATIONMelek Gazi5For the distribution our products we used a variedways of how to promote them. After uploading them on Youtube we came up with 2 social networking sites that we can post it on that will help us gain views and get feed back, this included Twitter and Facebook but we also used Blackberry messenger to broadcast the link to the film and people were able to view it from their mobile devices. We Found out that worked really well as was a effectibleWay of distributing our products.